Dorkbot & ATX Hackerspace at SXSW Create: RadioShack Recap

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On our last day of SXSW, Ricky and I were able to check out the Dorkbot & ATX Hackerspace event at SXSW Create.  This event was filled with creative projects, great presentations and several projects that were designed using RadioShack parts. There was no place better to go in Austin to join a great group of makers, hackers, creators and diy’ers.


One of those projects was a real life version of Tron bicycles. Ricky and I were able to race using the bicycles that were displayed on our own flat screens. I unfortunately was a little inexperienced and lost very quickly.


Another great group of presenters was several scientists with The Giant Brain. From a fart machine that cleared your system to the Encephalon Insufficiency Prognosticator that found out what was wrong with you. The guys with The Giant Brain and were not short of humor and of course great brains!


Makerbot was also there showing off their 3D printers that create objects out of plastic. We were also lucky enough to check out their latest model, The Replicator, at CES 2012.  It works by feeding a spool of plastic into a nozzle that melts it and draws objects layer by layer. Here is the video for you to see it for yourself!

[embedplusvideo standard="" height="343" width="560"  /]

What is the coolest thing you have ever created? Leave your comment below and we will send a special few a RadioShack gift card so you can create your own projects.

One comment/entry per person. Contest begins at 7:00 pm CST on March 14, 2012 and ends at 6:59 pm CST on March 15, 2012. Winner will be chosen randomly by RadioShack and announced after 2:00 pm CST on March 16, 2012.

No payment or purchase necessary to win. Neither a purchase nor payment will improve your chances of winning. While you’re pretty cool in our book, you are not a winner of this contest yet. Void where prohibited. Must be a resident of the 50 United States to win.

Updated 3/21/12: Thanks to everyone for commenting! Congrats to Kenia, Jean B. and AJ for winning a RadioShack gift card!

This is post 6 of 8 in the SXSW 2012 series


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  • Kenia

    Oh, the bikes look awesome but the brain looks kinda funky LOL

    I wish I was a geek, but I do have a husband who is one. He has fixed everything we break, jejeje and made stuff out of parts!!

    The most recent thing he has done is make a cellphone work, for the moment we only use it for internet use, but he did that out of old parts he had laying around of other old phones =]

    He fixed a portable dvd player they gave us because it was going in the trash and he made that work, that is why he is my God, my twins can let me see a little tv now =]

    He fixed our a/c from parts he has laying around too =] I can’t get after him for all the parts he has laying around everywhere because he always finds a use for them

  • Kim C

    When i was younger, i made a plinko board! LOL….i used one of my moms boards and lots of nails…then i painted it to look exactly like plinko!

  • Elden

    The coolest thing I have created recently is a homemade TV antenna. I used a 2 x 4, wire hangers and a Balun (that I bought at Radio Shack).

    Here is a link to the plans:

    The antenna is ugly but it works pretty good!

    I have been doing a lot of reading about Arduino lately and I really want to buy an Uno board to start out with. Thanks for the contest!

  • Tracy Parral

    I think the coolest things I have ever created have been with legos. Lego’s have always been my favorite toys and I was always building with them. In fact, just this week I built two lego projects with my kids blocks.

  • Jean Boutin

    I have never learned how to create stuff as a kid. I was a stubborn person who couldn’t accept defeat. So if any electronic device that I owned broke I would pull it apart and figure out what’s wrong get part from radio shack to make it work again. Thanks to the shack when I was a kid I knew I could find it there and still do.
    Cheery oh

  • Li

    When I was in junior high I made one of those motorized model car for my school

  • AJ

    I am starting to learn android programming so one of the coolest things I have created lately is a simple trivia game that asks you questions and keeps score.

    I am looking into starting a project using android and arduino. I love reading the Make blog and Radio Shack’s Great Create. There are some really cool things being done right now.

    I could definitely use a Radio Shack gift card to get me started! Thanks!

  • Kay Z

    Obviously I have to say the coolest thing I ever created are 2 wonderful kids. The next coolest would be a sculpture I made of a man done entirely by winding wire around pencils and other round objects. My fingers were sore for days but it turned out awesome!

  • kim

    I tried my hand at making a geeky edible. I made the little android guy and a dog out of Rye bread and Cheese.

  • Lauren

    coolest thing i ever made was a pretty sweet bridge out of popsicle sticks for a project in school!

  • Rose

    I remember all my school science fair projects from when I was in school. One time I had to build this suspension bridge as part of my project. It was very cool!

  • Sean S

    I replaced the battery and screen in my old ipod. It was very delicate work but I did it and my old ipod still works.

  • Andrew

    Once I hooked up a remote control car to a cooler. It was awesome! Might have to do it again now that I remember it.

  • Larry

    I rebuilt a 1973 VW bug. The engines on those cars are pretty easy to work on. Getting the body cleaned up took a lot more effort. In the end, the car looked great.

  • Lizzy

    I made my own bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding. Lucky for me, I like to sew and the pattern wasn’t too complex. The dress looked very nice and fit me perfectly.

  • Matt franks

    Hey RadioShack!

    Let me know if you want any better photos or
    Videos of the light trikes. We documented the entire build process quite extensively.

    Matt franks


  • Kenia

    Thank you so much =]