Capturing SXSW 2012 In Style

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Today is the day! Ricky and I are heading down to Austin, Texas for SXSW’s Interactive week. If you are not familiar with SXSW or Interactive week, it is five days of presentations, panels, and conversations with some of the leading experts in the technology field. It is a great preview of what is unfolding in the technology world! It is also held in one of the country’s most exciting cites – Austin, Texas!

With so much happening in one place, you want to be able to capture every moment of this unforgettable experience, and since this is my first time to take part in SXSW, I definitely don’t want to miss a moment. The only challenge is putting together the best products to get the most out of my time in the great city of Austin!

The iPhone 4S:

With its 8-megapixel camera and HD video recording, I am able to capture pictures and videos with the device that I will most certainly have with me at all times. My phone allows for me to instantly capture and share image with my friends using Facebook, Twitter and my personal favorite, Instagram. Another important aspect of SXSW is networking and you want to be able to stay connected with friends and coworkers, so messaging and calling are important. If you forgot your Enercell Portable Power Bank, then the possibility of a dead phone is pretty scary. It might be a good idea then to have a separate device for capturing images and videos.


Canon PowerShot at RadioShack

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera 

The Canon PowerShot Digital Camerahas a 12.1 megapixel camera as well as 1080p HD video capabilities. This will allow for me to not only take stunning images, but also capture videos of the people-packed streets of Austin to take back and share with my friends and co-workers. With no worry of the battery dying on my smartphone, I will be able to take hundreds of pictures to add to my Facebook albums when I return home.  We will be walking around Austin all day going from venue to venue, so having a light weight bag is something else to consider.

Kodak PLAYSPORT Waterproof Pocket Camcorder

This pocket size camera captures high definition video in 1080p. It is easy to carry and you can simply slide it into your pocket when you are not using it. One of the best features that this devices offer is that it is WATERPROOF. This is fantastic because the weather the Austin weather forecast looks like rain, rain and more rain throughout the weekend.  Since the camcorder can plunge 10 feet underwater and still work like a charm, I will be confident that I can shoot video of the Austin vibe even if it is pouring rain.

Having so many great choices to enhance my first visit to SXSW, I will have to choose which one or ones will be the best option for what I am looking to capture.

Leave a comment below and let me know which item you think I should choose to carry and why! We will send a few lucky commenters a device for them to capture their very own images and videos.

One comment/entry per person. Contest begins at 2:00 pm CST on March 9, 2012 and ends at 1:59 pm CST on March 13, 2012. Winner will be chosen randomly by RadioShack and announced after 2:00 pm CST on March 14, 2012.

No payment or purchase necessary to win. Neither a purchase nor payment will improve your chances of winning. While you’re pretty cool in our book, you are not a winner of this contest yet. Void where prohibited. Must be a resident of the 50 United States to win.

Updated 3/14/12: Thanks to everyone for commenting! Congrats to Rose and Cade on winning! 

This is post 1 of 8 in the SXSW 2012 series


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  • Mark

    I think the iPhone 4S would be the best choice, so that you can share all the best moments right away with friends!

  • Kim C

    I think you should use the iPphone 4s!! Its will be great for taking pictures, tweeting them out, and if you get lost in the big city of Austin, you’ll have gps! Keep Austin Weird!! I wish I could go to SXSW, so take lots of pics and videos so i can catch everything thats happening there :)

  • Delanie

    I say the iPhone! :)

  • Colin Toke

    Rock the iPhone… I’m no Apple fan-boy, but it’s just way more social for instant updates!

  • Tiffany Ard (@tiffany053p)

    I think you should choose the Kodak PLAYSPORT Waterproof Pocket Camcorde. That way if its raining you don’t have to worry about it getting wet! Have a fun and safe trip!

  • Veronica Acosta

    I think you should take the Kodak PLAYSPORT Waterproof Pocket Camcorder with you just in case you start to drool over all of the new super cool technology that you see. ;)

  • Nancy Reid

    Take the iPhone4S ~ Hands down it will do everything the camera and the camcorder do and you will be able to post, tweet and email the media with ease! SIRI will keep your schedule wake you up and give you reminders so you don’t miss anything. Enjoy #SXSW & all Austin has to offer! Live music, bats, Whole Foods, Lake Travis and plenty of young people!

  • Jade

    gotta go with the iPhone. great quality pics + easy sharing.

  • Li

    Definitely the iPhone 4S. Because in addition to what you mentioned above, you’ll need directions to get around town.

  • Lud

    Canon PowerShot Digital Camera because you can take many pictures and videos and not worry about not having enough juice.

  • Brett

    Hand down, you should carry the iphone 4s. You could take better pictures and videos with the others, but that’s all for naught if you can’t get them posted or shared easily.

    Also, pick me!

  • Joiceann

    I agree with the previous comments the iPhone 4S — hands down is the best option. It takes great pictures and you can share them right away.

  • Kay Z

    Well I would say the new ipad3 so you could take photos and keep your SXSW schedule handy but that’s not available yet. The iphone 4s is a great choice for the same reason however given the fact that it is pouring cats and dogs here in Austni at the moment and possibly all weekend the waterproof Kodak might be needed! All great products! i would love to capyure SXSW with any of them!

  • Brenda Callahan

    Kodak PLAYSPORT Waterproof Pocket Camcorder

    first off because you don’t need any plans of coverage areas to use it. It will slip right into your pocket without having to worry about screen damage. Not that you will be 10 feet underwater, but when you decide to get smart and someone pours their drink in your lap, you will be able to film them walking away so you remember which way the door is :)

    Just my opinion.. you can grab stills off it, and streaming video no matter what is going on or where you are without having to worry about damage control!

  • Trey R

    I would use the iPhone 4s. You can do so much with it. You can take pictures, video, edit and upload all on the go. Easily the way to go! Thanks for the chance

  • Colin Scott

    The iphone 4s sounds amazing. You can do so much with it at #SXSW and if you have any trouble or questions you can always ask Suri! Not only can you take amazing pictures and video she can find you something to eat after the day is done!

  • andrew

    The playshot looks like it could be a quick shot in HD however I would choose the Powershot for its true focus and lens assy.

  • JeffG

    Gotta be the Canon Powershot…High def video and awesome stills are the only way to get the feel for SXSW if you can’t get there.

  • Jan Girouard

    I would go with the Canon Powershot Digital Camera because the battery would last longer and would allow you to take a lot more pictures and video.

  • Anita S.

    I would have to say that I think the iPhone 4s would be the best way to go. You can do so much with it that the others just can’t do. Instantly post to Facebook and twitter. High quality pictures and video. Go with the iPhone. I know I could really use one. Hint hint :)

  • Malaina

    Like most people before me I think that the Iphone 4s would be the way to go. I just think that it has the most functions and you can get more out of it that any of the others. Go with the iPhone!

  • Samantha.

    Go with the iPhone! Simply the best around. Easy to use and works great

  • Kenia

    It would be better for you to take the iphone 4S. You can keep track of the schedule of everything going on at SXSW. You can also keep us up to date by tweeting or facebook with everything that is going on over there. The picture quality on the phone is pretty good as well. You can also check your email so you won’t miss out. You can also search for great places to eat at or visit while you are at Austin. Over all the iphone 4 s would be great for you to take. This phone has been on my wish list every since it came out so I know the wonders it does =]

    Have a great time and keep us up to date with all the great stuff going on over there =]

  • Tracy Parral

    I personally would take the Canon PowerShot Digital Camera because I don’t have a cell phone. But if you do use a cell I would probably say take that, so you would have only one device to keep up with. a phone that takes pics and easily shares with soical media is a great choice. enjoy! :)

  • Frank

    Go with the iPhone. It can do so much more that the others just can’t do. With all the features and options I would love to have one.

  • Angie Mascaro

    iPhone, no worry of juggling multiple devices. And 8megapixels is still great for pictures!

  • Cade

    Go with the Canon Powershot. You will have a lot more battery life to take lots of pictures (which you will) and they will come out great! Lightweight and easy to store or put away is also a big plus. Don’t think you can beat it.

  • Angie

    I think the iphone is the way too. However they are all so small and light weight you could easily carry all three if you wanted to do so. I just feel like the iphone 4s could do so much more for you that the others cant do.

  • Lisa Dion

    I think you should choose the iPhone 4S. I’ve been really impressed with the picture quality and capabilities. Plus it works as a video camera as well. It’s light and compact- so it’s easy to just put in your pocket. It also has so many other capabilities as well. If you want to remember something said during one of the panels you can take notes with the Notes app. Or if you get bored you can play a game of Angry Birds. Plus by taking the iPhone you don’t have to carry around both a camera and a cell phone. I think overall it would be your best choice.

  • Rose

    Bring the Canon Powershot Digital Camera with you! You will get very good quality photos and videos and will be able to take a lot of them. The battery will last you all day and it is easy to store and carry. Love them all but go with Canon.

  • Amy Rouse

    THe iPhone…. takes great photos, plus you can keep in touch with your Mother. (spoken like a true Mother who needs a daily update when her kidlets are traveling…)

    The iPhone is a great device, photos, videos, etc etc. plus there are a ton of apps to enhance the photos you take.

    There’s even an app that allows you to send postcards from the pics you take. None of the others would allow you to use all that creativity.

  • Brian

    I would capture the moment with the Canon Powershot Camera. Great megapixel point and shoot. Easy to use and upload. Can’t go wrong.

  • Lexi

    I would bring the iPhone 4S along with me to capture all the moments at #SXSW. You can do a lot with the iPhone that the others can not do. I know I would really love to have one. Everyone I talk to that has one can not say enough good things about it. Would be nice to win one! Thanks

  • Patricia

    Definitely the iPhone 4s. You can take pictures, and share them with us all on your awesome RadioShack social media! #SXSW is amazing!

  • Sean S

    I would bring the iPhone 4S because you can take nice quality pictures and post them right away to twitter, Facebook or email them. Also, while down in Austin, you will want to use the latest location based services on the iPhone to locate the hot, happening parties and events at SXSW. Plus an iPhone can help you find the location of the best food trucks. As you can see I am a college guy and having a device to take good pics, find good food and parties would be my priority ;-)

  • Meiko

    If it were me ai would bring along the iPhone. It just seems like it would be the best fit for everything you will need to do while you are there.

  • Marilyn

    My vote is to take the iPhone 4s. First, it takes great pictures and videos and uploading them to your social media sites is a snap. Second, you will need to pack light so a device that can do multiple things is a must. Third, you can use Facetime to check in with your kids, husband or wife while you are on the road. It is always nice to see a familiar face after a long day of work when you are far from home in a hotel room.

    Thanks for the contest. I would love to win an iPhone so I could use Facetime with my daughters.

    Have fun at SXSW and have a safe trip home.

  • Dee

    Personally I think I would like to have the iPhone 4s with me. The iPhone can do so many things. You can take pictures and video, edit and upload all while on the go. There are so many helpful useful aps like instagram. You can use FaceTime to see people back home if you need to. There is nothing wrong with the others I just feel like the iPhone would be your best bet. I know how much I would appreciate it if I had one!

  • Claire R

    I would love the Canon PowerShot Digital Camera. It has a great camera 12.1 megapixel and does 1080p HD video! You can get some great photos and video and your battery should last you all day. It looks like an amazing camera to have. Think that is the way to go.

  • Vincent

    I have the old iPhone and hear nothing but great things about the iPhone 4s. I think that would be the device I would carry with me around Austin. The iPhone can do many things and has a lot of special features that the other two don’t have. I am sure the Canon and Kodak are great but I just think that the iPhone is the way to go. I am sure you are having a great time and I can’t wait to see the photos and videos you have taken! Thank you for allowing us the chance to win one of these.

  • Elden W

    I would definitely bring the iPhone 4s. When Ricky is out on the dance floor at SXSW attempting to do the “Robot” or trying to “Moonwalk”, you will need a device that can snap a good pic and post to FB and twitter ASAP.

    You can also use the iPhone camera during presentations when the speaker shows a slide that contains useful information on it. Just snap a pic of the slide and you can easily capture the information without taking notes.

    Also SXSW is a major networking opportunity. The iPhone has apps like INTRO and Kismet that can help you locate the people you know and the people you want to know.

    I would love to upgrade my old iPhone (its the original iPhone that came out in 2007) to an iPhone 4s. Thanks for opportunity to win a cool prize! The Shack Rocks!

  • Lauren

    I think you should carry the iPhone! Everything in one device…plus yo can stay connected! get a water-resistant case for the rain, though!

  • Melissa

    Hands down I would take the iPhone. You can’t beat what it can do for you. It has so many features and can perform and upload on the go! That is all I would carry if it were up to me.

  • Monica

    I would definitely pick the iphone 4S but I am an avid picture taker and would definitely bring a separate camera for something as special as SXSW!

  • Jacob

    Bring along the iPhone. You can take pics, video, make calls, ect. It is the way to go.

  • Andrew

    Bring the Playsport. Waterproof & probably captures great videos

  • Lizzy

    The iPhone 4s would be the one I would take. It takes wonderful pictures plus it does a whole lot more! You will never be lost, hungry, lonely or bored if you take the iPhone with you. I also hear that Siri is very entertaining when you ask her off-the-wall questions.

    The other cameras cannot compare to the multi-tasking ability of the iPhone 4s. I am very jealous that you get to play with the iPhone on your trip. I would LOVE to own one myself!

  • Kim

    Take the iPhone 4s with you!!! You can do it all with that wonderful smartphone. With the portable power bank, you should be rockin’ SXSW 24/7. “No rest for the wicked” as they say. Now go party down and bring us back some awesome pics and videos of all the new friends you meet and all the events you attend.

    I would love to own a rockin’ iPhone 4s!

  • patty dion

    I think you should use the iPhone 4S. It’s so many different concepts in 1 device. You have a camera, video camera, phone, notebook (notes app), cell phone, game system (multiple free games app), and much more. It’s compact and easy to slip in your pocket. The iPhone 4S is the best all around device. I know I’d love to own one :)

  • Steve

    If I were there I think I would bring the iPhone with me. You can capture the moment and still stay in touch with people back home.

  • Josh

    I Would put the Canon PowerShot in my bag. You can take amazing pictures and HD video! Can’t beat that.

  • Roy

    You can do so much with the iPhone 4s. If you ever get bored you can just talk to Siri. You can take great photos and video and upload from right there in the streets of Austin.

  • Jackson

    Go with the iPhone. It will be able to do everything you need it to do.

  • ellen

    Take the IPhone 4s! It does it all!


  • Brian

    I think I just won! Looks like I’m the only Brian on the post! Will you be emailing me or do I need to respond on this post? I may have accidentally put in the wrong email. I always get confused with the email my wife made for me. This is the correct email if you need to reach me.

  • Brian

    Thought I saw my name??? Guess I was just seeing things. Never mind my previous comment.