Staying Fit With fitbit

We are now over a month into the New Year and if you are anything like me, those New Year’s resolutions may have become harder and harder to stick to. Working out may have lost its luster and maybe that “No fast food” resolution ended with a few trips to your favorite fast food restaurant.

However, over the past few weeks something that has helped me kick it back in gear is the fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker. This is a great device to keep you on track towards better fitness. No bigger than a packet of sugar, the fitbit accurately tracks daily steps, distance and calories burned throughout a typical day using the advance motion sensor.

This device has been a great way for me to not only stick with my workout program, but it has also motivated me to make small changes that have added up to big results. Without even trying, I found that I was burning  more calories and taking more steps than I was aware of; walking to my car before and after work, using the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the long way to the bathroom.  These minimal tasks really started to add up and I was able to see this on my personalized dashboard.


By uploading your data to your free access account on, you can see your steps taken; calories burned and miles traveled and compare them to previous days.  You are also able to access a food log, and weight tracker. It is so easy to enter in your weight, daily food intake and sleep record. You know that the results are accurate and this goes a long way toward helping you achieve your goals.

This little device has really helped me stay active even when those winter months seem determined to drag me down. If you are looking for a little inspiration, I recommend the fitbit Ultra Activity Tracker to help insure that you get active, eat better and ultimately make you a healthier person.

To learn more you can check them out on our website or find a RadioShack store near you. What do you do to stay active? Leave a comment below and tell us what motivates you to stay active!


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