Six Apps to Seduce Your Sweetheart

The most romantic day of the year is just a few days away, and with it comes the altruistic desire or begrudging obligation to show that special someone how much they mean to you. For some, Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by Russell Stover, Hallmark and flower companies, and for others it’s a beautiful day to celebrate passion and romance. Or maybe it’s just a great excuse to eat lots of chocolate. Well, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or romantically hopeless, these six mobile apps will help you set your valentine’s heart aflutter.


Valentine’s Day Widgets Pack – Get in the Spirit

OK, we know that not everyone’s passions are enflamed by Valentine’s Day. Maybe you don’t have a date yet or you resent having to prove your love with candy and teddy bears every year. The Valentine’s Day Widgets Pack will melt the coldest, most cynical heart with love-themed stickers to sweeten your home screen.


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Valentine’s Day Ideas – Get a plan

If the standard romantic dinner-and-flowers approach is too cliché for you, this app can help you create a unique Valentine’s Day to remember. Browse through date ideas, gift ideas, poems and more. Just make sure not to let your sweetie find out that your inspiration came from the “Cheap Valentine Ideas” or “Last-Minute Valentines” sections. You’ve been planning this for weeks, right?


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iWrite: Love Poems – Set the mood

Sometimes you want to tell your significant other how much they mean to you, but the words just don’t capture your emotions. iWrite: Love Poems will be your muse by teaching you poem structures, imagery and the importance of revising and editing in the writing process. More than a poem generator, this app helps you actually learn the language of love, or to put it another way:


Suave Shakespearean sonnets shouldn’t seem strenuous,

Step-by-step schooling helps you write something sensuous.

You’ll learn a little language skill, about symbols and alliteration,

To secure from your sweetheart, their love and admiration.

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Valentine’s Hearts – Love, without the chalky aftertaste

We all remember valentine heart candies. You know, the ones where the lovey-dovey message written on them is the only part that’s actually sweet. With this delightful app, you can send virtual valentine hearts to that special someone, getting your affectionate message across, without making them eat an antacid. You can write a custom message or just shake your phone to pick one at random, then share within the app or by email.

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1800Flowers – Let love bloom

This one is more for the guys. For us girls, teddy bears and candy are sweet gestures and all, but most of us outgrew stuffed animals a while ago and I’m pretty sure the chocolates in the heart-shaped box are filled with toothpaste. But you can never go wrong with flowers. The official app of 1-800-Flowers makes it simple to order a beautiful bouquet and they even have same-day delivery, so there’s really no excuse for forgetting Valentine’s Day this year. Make it happen, guys.


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Godiva – Don’t forget the chocolate

Remember what I said about chocolate a second ago? That absolutely does NOT apply to Godiva chocolates. Chocolate is wonderful, and no other treat is more synonymous with romance. Eating it releases endorphins in the brain, and it’s been used as an aphrodisiac since the days of the Mayans and Aztecs. With the Godiva app, you can browse the chocolate maker’s products, salivate over the full-color pictures and make purchases from within the app. If there’s one day you’re allowed to indulge in chocolate, it’s Valentine’s Day, so don’t let that opportunity slip away. Your lady may never forgive you.


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What romantic plans do you have in store for your Valentine’s Day? Spread a little love in the comments and share your favorite Valentine’s Day  apps, gifts and date ideas.




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  • Tracy Parral

    Thanks for those valentines app ideas. I like the v-day card one the best! :)

  • John Guillory

    Was Radioshack bought out by Apple? Amazing all apps are apparently only for iPhone or Radio Shack doesn’t seem to know there are apps for other phones…. I don’t support Big Brother, nor anyone who supports Big Brother!

    • Ricky Cadden


      Half of the apps on this list are also available on the Android market (there are direct links to download the app to your Android phone/tablet). We definitely want to help you find apps for your device no matter what operating system it runs.

      What other apps would you like to see?