Staying Fit Survival Kit

For those that like to keep fit by running or jogging, we all have our standard must-have products that help enhance our running experience. For me, those are music, headphones and a trusty pair of athletic shoes. With the 2012 Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon coming up on Saturday and Sunday, I have put together a survival guide to get me through the Adult 5K. The Cowtown is an annual race here in Fort Worth that includes the Cook Children’s 5K, Adults 5K and 10K on Saturday and on Sunday is the UNTHSC Half Marathon, Marathon & Ultra Marathon.

For those that might enjoy some tips on a few great products to get you ready for your run, here are a few ideas that can help you survive any long distance run. They will also help me as I run The Cowtown 5K.

iPod nano

Running without music is like eating a hot dog without ketchup… just don’t do it. The Apple iPod nano is what keeps me moving. My songs of choice are usually up-beat and, of course, energizing. I have found that the songs that motivate me the most in my day-to-day life are also the ones that inspire me to run the distance. Another great part of the iPod nano is Nike + Fitness. It tracks your calories burned, distance run, and your time, all in a small, easy-to-carry device. All-in-all, it really helps motivate me to go that extra mile!

Monster iSport Earbuds

You might have a great MP3 player that provides great music, but you will not get very far without some headphones to listen to that music. Choosing the right pair of headphones for running can be a very difficult decision. You want something that is lightweight, but also something that will stay in your ears and not fall out while you are running long distances. That is why I choose to wear the Monster iSport Earbuds. These are the ultimate high-performance sport headphones. They not only fit comfortably in your ears, but they are also sweat proof and totally machine washable. So sweat away! The LIVESTRONG version will be available at RadioShack later this Spring!

Trusty Athletic Shoes

For a long run there is nothing more important, or necessary, than a trusty pair of athletic shoes. They are with you every step you take (literally!) and can make the difference between a great run and a painful one. It is important to change out your athletic shoes every 1-2 years to prevent breaking them down.

Soleus GPS Watch

For serious runners there is nothing more important than tracking your time and distance. Each time you get out on the course for long distance runs, you need to be able to keep track of your stats. The Soleus GPS watch tracks distance, pace and speed via built-in GPS technology. I have found it so helpful in tracking my progress in the last few months as I have trained. They will also be available at RadioShack in March!


Most important for any runner is to stay hydrated. It is recommended that you drink 8-16 ounces of water 1-2 hours before a run, as well as 4-6 ounces every 20 minutes during your run. That is why I always have a water bottle with me before, during and after a run. The Camelbak water bottles are a great way to measure the amount of water you have consumed and keep you on track to complete the recommended amount.

If you would like to keep updated on The Cowtown 5K, I will be tweeting live on @RadioShackLIVE, so follow along to see how my devices are working and great pictures throughout the day. Which of these devices do you use while you are running? Leave a comment below and you might win your own Soleus GPS Watch!


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  • Vladimir

    I use My iPod with some cheap headphones. But it will be great if I get the watch or at least some decent headphones

  • Brian

    Monster iSports are great earbuds. Having your headphones fall out when you’re in the middle of a run is really distracting, and these stay put very well. A lot of cheaper sport headphones aren’t sweatproof, but the iSports are.