Your Big Game Playbook

No sporting event whips people into a frenzy like championship football. It’s the biggest event of the year, and just like the plays on the field, your watching party has to be perfectly executed if you’re going to score some major points. You can’t get called on technical penalties like a tiny TV or no juice in the remote. Get your game plan together with this playbook of essential products and apps.

Samsung LN32D403 32″ 720p LCD HDTV

If you plan to host a party and your TV is still cube-shaped, it’s time to step up to HD. There’s a reason you don’t see cathode ray tube sets in stores anymore; the technology has moved on. With HD, you can see individual beads of sweat on players’ faces and every pass interference call that the refs miss. Bottom line, your guests don’t want to huddle around a tiny TV, so leave the huddles to the players.


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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote

Has this ever happened to you? “Okay, the game’s on! Wait, turn it up. No, not on the TV, on the receiver. The receiver’s on AUX; put it on TV. No, now turn the volume back up on the TV. Oh wait, it’s the cable box. Turn it up on the box. AH! We’re missing it!” Wouldn’t it be nice if your remote was smarter than you? With the Logitech Harmony One, just hit the “TV” button and it will get all your devices in line automatically.


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You drew the short straw at halftime and you’re stuck at the back of the express line holding a bag of frozen wings with a minute left before game time.

But if you had the Motorola DROID RAZR the thought of missing a single play would never enter your mind. That’s because the Motorola DROID RAZR, paired with the NFL Mobile app and Verizon, puts the game in your hands. It’s the best way to stream and watch no matter where you are.


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Enercell Batteries

Can you imagine having to get off the couch and actually walk to the TV to pause the game or tweak the volume? Us neither. So make sure your trusty remote’s all juiced up before game time.


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Satellite In-Line Amplifier

If you have satellite TV service, you don’t want anything impeding your signal on the biggest sporting night of the year. Dishes that are 100 feet or more from your set could experience lower than normal audio levels and general signal loss from the extra-long coax cables. It’s like trying to run the length of the field on a pulled hamstring. Make a quick trip to RadioShack to grab an in-line signal amplifier and an RG6 cable to make sure every electron CAN…GO…ALL…THE…WAY!


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Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

For many, the best parts of the game are the extended commercial breaks. This app makes a game out of the ad attack by giving users a bingo card with a unique configuration of company names. When you see one from Budweiser, Ford, Doritos, etc., just color in the appropriate space. First one to get five in a row wins. Must buy Doritos….


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The Official Mobile Apps of the Patriots and Giants

If you thought Tom Brady was the middle brother from The Brady Bunch or Eli Manning was that really great QB for the Colts, give yourself a little team education with both teams’ official mobile apps. They have enough news, rosters, stats and videos to earn you college credit in Giants or Patriots studies and help you pick a favorite to root for if your team got knocked out awhile ago.


New York Giants App from iTunes

New York Giants App from the Android Market

New England Patriots App from iTunes

New England Patriots App from the Android Market


Fan Finder

If you prefer the Buffalo wings stain somebody else’s furniture, you can always go watch the game elsewhere. Fan Finder locates nearby sports bars that are showing the game on their big screens. There’s quite a rivalry between Boston and New York, so make sure you don’t end up in hostile territory by selecting your favorite team and shaking your phone to eliminate the enemy’s bases from your results.


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Knock, Knock. It’s Pizza.

What do you do if the munchies run out midway through the third quarter? Instead of exiling a member of your crew to fetch more snacks, just get some pizza and wings delivered right to your door with the Domino’s Pizza mobile app. You can order and pay right from the app so you don’t even have to leave the noisy TV room to call it in. Your eyes can stay glued to the action until the doorbell rings, hopefully during a commercial break.


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Have any other suggestions to make a big game party great? Leave us a comment and share your tips.



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