Follow Up: 3 Reasons a DSLR Is For You

Last October we highlighted 3 Reasons a DSLR Is For You! It was a great way learn about what a DSLR camera has to offer and if it would be beneficial for you. We had such wonderful responses and we were able to hook up two of our readers with their very own DSLR cameras as well as  a Lowerpro camera bag and a 8GB Sandisk Extreme III SDHC memory card.

We asked them what moments they would not want to miss out on. Denise M., one of the winners of a DSLR camera, was able to take her DSLR camera and capture some great moments. We wanted to share some of those amazing photographs, she captured, with you!


Thank you Denise for sharing some of those magical photographs with us! Don’t forget to check out the post where we discussed 3 Reasons a DSLR Is For You. RadioShack carries a wide selection of DSLR cameras, lenses, bags and accessories, so you can get the full kit in one place.  Find a RadioShack store near year!

Leave a comment below and tell us what moments YOU would not want to miss out on!


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  • Na-Na

    Great photos! I am taking photography and will soon have to purchase a DSLR camera…The (professional) photography world is all new to me so I ‘m not even sure what camera to start with. Other photographers work such as Denise’s above is so inspirational to me! Love, love, love it!! Thanks, Denise, for sharing!

  • Jacob A

    I would have liked to have not missed out on the original posting, but a DSLR wouldn’t have helped me much with that! lol. Just found the blog, I’ll keep an eye out for future Giveaways!

  • Lynn

    I love this post! Moments in 2012 that I don’t want to miss out on are: my best friend’s wedding in May & my cousin’s high school graduation in June. I’m also looking forward to (possibly) adopting our second dog this year. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a great year!

  • Lynn

    P.S. The “3 Reasons a DSLR Is For You” post is great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with those of us who are attempting to cross from “point & shoot” territory over into DSLRs!

  • Jade

    I’ll be (hopefully) traveling abroad this year for academic purposes, and I wouldn’t want to miss any of the great sunsets, animals, people, and the great sights. The camera I have now is old has nothing on a DSLR. #timeforanupgrade, it’d be #soright!

    and the little girl in the 3rd photo looks just like my sister when she was little, lol

  • Amy

    I want to take the photography on my blog to the next level so I have been thinking of getting a DSLR camera for a while now.
    Denise did a great job with her photographs!

  • Denise Makar

    Thank you everyone for leaving feedback on my photos and Thank you to Paige and Radio Shack for posting this article! :)