Five Apps to Keep Your Resolutions Going Strong

Statistics say that about half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The stats also say that nearly all of us fail to stick with them. What’s even sadder is that most people’s New Year’s resolutions start to fizzle out within the first two weeks of January. We try to be good, we really do, but real life resumes once the holidays are over and all those wonderful promises we make to ourselves get derailed by work and the bitter cold that NOBODY wants to go jogging in. Well, we believe that inspiration has to come before perspiration, so here are some great mobile apps to inspire you to meet all of your goals for 2012.



Get in Shape with Desk Yoga

Getting in shape and losing weight is by far the most popular resolution and is usually the first one to fall by the wayside. It’s just too easy to not make time to work out. We’re also pretty sure stores conspire against us by putting the Valentine’s candy out starting January 1st. With Desk Yoga, you’ll learn how to do a few great stretches and exercises at work to get a little Namaste every day. Yoga instructor Kat Mills also has Yoga on a Plane, Yoga at a Party and Yoga While You’re in Line available in the App store. The key idea is to teach you to do yoga without anyone knowing you’re doing it.



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Save Money and Pay off Debt with Personal Finance

Balancing a checkbook is about as much fun as a root canal, but getting finances in order does wonders for your personal happiness. Now you can automate the tedious process by syncing your checking, savings and credit card accounts with The companion app will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions so you can track everything from your phone. You can even link your investments, 401k, brokerage accounts and IRAs. It’s incredibly safe and it’s a “read-only” app so if you lose your phone AND someone figures out your password, your money still isn’t going anywhere.


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Quit Smoking with MyQuit Coach by LIVESTRONG

Many say smoking is a harder habit to break than even some hard drug addictions. Well, LIVESTRONG is coming to your rescue with a physician-approved app that will help you kick that habit. MyQuit Coach allows you to go cold turkey or gradually reduce your smoking intake over time, tracking when you have a cigarette or a craving along the way. With personalized inspirational photos, motivational tips, progress charts, and awards and badges for good progress, you’ll be inspired to stay strong through the cravings and make 2012 the year of your last puff. It’s just one more way that LIVESTRONG is leading the fight against cancer. Go LIVESTRONG!


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Learn New Things with the Learn Something Every Day App

Lots of folks resolve to learn something new every year, but taking piano lessons and hoping to be the next Chopin may be a tad unrealistic. It supposedly takes 5,000 hours to master a new skill, and that’s 5,000 hours many of us just don’t have. Instead of trying to learn a completely new and complicated skill, why not just start by learning a new interesting fact every day? Did you know your eyes blink 50% less when you’re reading? We didn’t either before taking a look at this app. Now go ahead and blink for a second. We won’t mind.


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Task:Life, Your Master Resolution App

Finally, no matter what your resolution, Task:Life can help you track your progress and be your one go-to app for staying on target. Set goals like going to the gym twice a week or working on a DIY project every weekend, then record whether you succeeded in a given task each day. The resulting graphs show how you’ve performed over time, encouraging you to ingrain these activities into your daily life, which is truly the best way to stick to your resolutions. Resolutions can’t be passing fancies; you’ve got to make them a part of who you are. This app will help you get there.



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Are you using any great resolution apps we forgot to mention? Share them with us and tell us what you’re doing to stay on track this year. Good luck out there!



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