CES 2012 – Motorola MOTOACTV

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Motorola’s MOTOACTV is the first GPS fitness tracker with a smart MP3 player built in. You can upload all of your music and the Android brains of the unit can actually pick the right song to help you get more out of your workout. Over time the MOTOACTV has learned that every time “Eye of the Tiger” comes on, you start running faster. So, if it senses that you’re doggin’ it, you’ll hear those familiar power chords and get transported to your own personal Rocky training montage.

It’s CES season, so there will be more big announcements and cool stuff to come. Stay tuned to our live tweeting from the floor on @RadioShackLIVE. Right here at The Shack Blog, we’ll have video recaps and coverage of all things CES all week long.



This is post 3 of 22 in the CES 2012 series


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