CES 2012 From A First Timer

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Well, I made it through my very first Consumer Electronic Show and it was a whirlwind of technology, people and more people! Coming into the week I had no idea what to expect.  I had never been before and I really had not heard that much about it, besides that it was HUGE! The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show that happens in Las Vegas, Nevada every January.

Taking the bus to the convention center from our hotel was really the first sign of the enormity. Pulling up to the convention center next to hordes of buses, cars, and taxis, we were dropped into tech heaven. We arrived about 45 minutes early to the first day and I think so did the 150,000+ other overjoyed attendees.

Once the doors opened you would have thought it was Black Friday, there was a mad rush to see the newest in TVs, phones, and tablets, and other electronics. When we arrived we made our first stop at the Microsoft booth. What did I do first? A little dancing with the Kinect for Xbox 360. I knew if that was what I was going to spend my first hour doing, it was going to be a great week.

After the Microsoft booth it was onto Motorola, LG, and Samsung. To describe how big these booths were with just a few words is challenging. Imagine as many TV screens as you can and you have the LG booth, 122 3D TVs to be exact. By the time we had seen what those booths had to offer it was 6pm and the show floor was closing.

The next two days were spent wandering around the convention center trying to capture as mush as we could of what CES had to offer. From the demo at the Corning Gorilla Glass booth to the Beanpad from Vantage Point, 3 days was just not enough. The magnitude of this event still boggles my mind as I sit here thinking about it back in Texas. You would need a lot longer than a week to see it all. It was a great expereience and hopefully I will be lucky enough to see what the tech world will come up with in 2013.

Being my first experience at CES I felt that I was truly able to see the show for what it was. It is a chance for the tech savvy enthusiasts to get a sneak peek at what the best companies have to offer.  This experience gave me not only a better understanding of the products, but also an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into the continuing evolution of technology.  If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it, just bring comfortable shoes!

This is post 21 of 22 in the CES 2012 series


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