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Here at CES in Las Vegas, we’ve been hanging out at the Microsoft booth and learning all about their plans for Xbox Kinect, Windows phone and the granddaddy of them all, Windows 8.

Microsoft Kinect

A bit more than a year into its lifespan, the Xbox Kinect is proving that it’s still an incredibly fun gaming platform that anyone can get into. After all, YOU are the controller. Paige got in a little cardio with a dancing game and later demoed one of the ways Kinect is poised to be more than just a gaming technology. Pretty soon, it could change the way you go shopping. Swivel, an augmented reality app, uses the Kinect to let you virtually try on clothing and see how you look in a snazzy new dress or suit right on your TV screen. We caught Paige trying on virtual wedding dresses when she thought nobody was looking.

Windows Phones and Windows 8

Next up was some hands-on time with a few Windows phones and a presentation of Windows 8. The beta release of the new OS should be available to the public at some point in February and a full commercial release closer to the end of the year. The “Metro” interface, first seen in Windows Phone 7 software, is becoming the cornerstone of Microsoft’s products. Smartphones, tablets, the Xbox and PCs are all starting to feature the distinctive “tiles” of images and text. Microsoft believes Metro and Windows 8 can compete with Android and iOS in the smartphone and tablet markets and boost the company’s presence there. We’re all for the competition. More competition means innovation and a constant raising of the bar, which we can all agree is a good thing. Well, sore feet and all, we think it’s time to go dancing again.

It’s CES season, so there will be more big announcements and cool stuff to come. Stay tuned to our live tweeting from the floor on @RadioShackLIVE. Right here at The Shack Blog, we’ll have video recaps and coverage of all things CES all week long.


This is post 14 of 22 in the CES 2012 series


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