CES 2012 – Day Two Recap

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We may have walked 20 miles over the course of our second full day at CES. There was so much to see, and we’ve got the videos to prove it. We went everywhere. From MakerBot to Samsung to OtterBox to Monster to Sony, you name it, we saw it. We even managed to get some dancing in. Don’t judge our moves too harshly; we were dancing on some sore, tired feet. Here’s our recap of the day and just a taste of the many amazing things we did on Day 2 of our CES experience.


Samsung Galaxy Note

At the Samsung booth, we got an up close and personal demo of the Galaxy Note, which occupies a unique position between a smartphone and a tablet. With its 5.3-inch screen, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to take notes with a stylus and watch Netflix without squinting. To demonstrate the capabilities of the unique S pen stylus, artists were on hand drawing caricatures on the device. We tried to get Paige to sit for a portrait but she knew better.


Monster LiveStrong Headphones

Next, we stopped by the Monster booth to see their entire line of headphones and accessories. One of the highlights for us was seeing the Monster iSport LIVESTRONG edition headphones that are a result of our partnership with Monster. The sound quality is excellent and the SportClip and pivoting ear pipe fit ears of all shapes and sizes and don’t get in the way of helmets or glasses. But, the best part is that a portion of the proceeds go to LIVESTRONG and the fight against cancer.



Speaking of LIVESTRONG, we saw even more yellow at the OtterBox booth. The recently announced LIVESTRONG Edition Commuter Series case was on hand and we got to talk with an OtterBox rep about this case with a cause. RadioShack’s partnership with Otterbox and LIVESTRONG has resulted in an incredibly protective iPhone case that’s stylish and sleek, but most importantly, as with all the LIVESTRONG products we carry, portions of the proceeds go to the foundation. It was truly inspiring seeing these two products getting some attention on the grand stage of CES.  Definitely the highlight of the day.



Finally, we stopped by the MakerBot booth to see what’s been going on with them since we visited them at Maker Faire. This year at CES, MakerBot is demoing their latest model, The Replicator. If you’ve never seen a MakerBot in action, they’re essentially 3D printers that create objects out of plastic. If you ever wanted to make your own Army Men, all you’d need is a MakerBot and some grey or camo-green plastic. The machine works by feeding a spool of plastic into a nozzle that melts it and draws objects layer by layer. Essentially any object you can imagine can be created with a MakerBot. This new model, aside from having a totally awesome sci-fi name, has a larger working surface for making bigger objects and has dual extrusion so you can use two different spools of plastic at the same time and make multi-colored objects. Now, back to creating our army of Army Men.

It’s CES season, so there will be more big announcements and cool stuff to come. Stay tuned to our live tweeting from the floor on @RadioShackLIVE. Right here at The Shack Blog, we’ll have video recaps and coverage of all things CES all week long.



This is post 12 of 22 in the CES 2012 series


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