CES 2012 – Beanpad by Vantage Point

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[embedplusvideo standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/DxARKKEyeX4″ height=”343″ width=”560″  /]

At CES, you don’t turn down a chance to sit down, so we took a little break with the Beanpad at the Vantage Point booth. This handy beanbag chair for your iPad lets you perfectly position your tablet in your lap so you can kick up your feet while working or watching Hulu. We think the plane ride home is a perfect opportunity for an extended demo. For work purposes, there’s even a Beanpad case where you can remove the beanbag so as to not draw strange looks from coworkers around the conference room. Then, back at your desk it’s back to lounging.

It’s CES season, so there will be more big announcements and cool stuff to come. Stay tuned to our live tweeting from the floor on @RadioShackLIVE. Right here at The Shack Blog, we’ll have video recaps and coverage of all things CES all week long.

This is post 15 of 22 in the CES 2012 series


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