Top 5 Great Create Projects For December

The Great Create is a celebration of solder, a party of parts, a festival of microfarads. We love seeing the results of all the tinkering the RadioShack DIY community has been up to. Here are 5 of our favorite recent projects from the Great Create movement:


Gas-Powered Bicycle

To combat the cost of gas for the daily work commute, this DIYer mounted a 69cc engine and ½-gallon gas tank to his mountain bike (using wire connectors and heat shrink tubing from RadioShack, of course). At 60 miles per tank—or 120 miles per gallon—this bike has gas guzzlers beat by a long shot.

Why we love it: It’s environment-friendly, easy on the wallet and makes the uphill grind of the work commute a lot easier on the knees as well as the soul.


Arduino- Controlled 5x5x5 LED Cube

Using an Arduino and 125 individual LEDs, this cube is a mesmerizing work of electronic art. It cycles through an expanding/contracting pattern, a Matrix-style light cascade and a dramatic letter-by-letter scrolling of “S-E-T-H,” which we can only assume is the creator’s name. Someday there will be an all-LED sculpture exhibit at the Louvre and we hope to see many of Seth’s masterpieces in the collection.

Why We Love it: We’re one step closer to a three-dimensional LED version of Michelangelo’s David.


Arduino-Powered Sniper Detector

Capable of locating the origin point of a gunshot or explosion within 5 meters, this DIY project has practical applications in the defense industry. It is controlled using an Arduino Mega and contains various other helpful circuit components acquired from RadioShack.

Why We Love it: It’s a useful tool our troops could use to help pinpoint enemy fire … and we’re drooling for a similar device in the Call of Duty video games.


RFID Front Door

Doorknobs are so last century. This Great Create project uses a radio frequency identification reader (RFID), an Arduino and a 1,200-lb. magnet to ditch doorknobs and locks altogether. Instead, an RFID tag worn around the wrist opens the door.

Why We Love it: With fewer keys on the keychain, we can fit them all in our pockets again. And, we find magnets attractive.


MIDI Marshal Arts Dummy

On the list of coolest professions in the world, kung fu master and rock drummer both rank pretty high. What happens when you wire Piezo transducers into the body of a wooden martial arts dummy? Answer: you create a kung fu drummer, the coolest occupation on the planet. The Piezos convert the vibrations from punches and kicks into signals a MIDI drum machine can interpret, turning the dummy into a musical instrument.

Why We Love it: Kung Fu drumming! What else do we need to say?  Hi-yah!?

Are you building a flux capacitor in your garage as we speak? We love seeing new submissions, so head over to The Great Create and upload your project. Got any suggestions for gadgets you’d like the DIY community to create? Leave us some comments about what electronic devices you want to see made real.


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