RadioShack Launches FREE Mobile Product Support

While we usually have the best price in town on cellphones and tablets, it’s still important that we give our customers great reasons to shop at RadioShack. We already do this with our no mail-in rebates policy, along with our incredibly popular Trade and Save program and Upgrade Checker. However, we wanted to go one step further to really give our customers the best experience possible. That’s why we’re launching RadioShack’s Mobile Product Support, a FREE service for RadioShack customers!

RadioShack FREE Expert Support Mobile Product Support

So, what is it? RadioShack Mobile Product Support lets you get a helping hand whenever you need it, however you need it, so that you can get the most from your new (or somewhat old) device. It’s available exclusively to RadioShack customers, too – you’re automatically signed up whenever you buy your new phone or tablet.

There are several ways that you can access RadioShack Mobile Product Support:

  • 1-855-RSHELPU (1-855-774-3578) - this toll-free number is available 7 days a week from 6a-12a PST. Our call center is located in the Pacific Northwest, up in Washington State, and is designed specifically to offer YOU a great experience. You won’t have to wade through a bunch of menus, and you’ll get a real live human being – no bots here.
  • Email - you can send an email through our Mobile Product Support site and get a response within 4 hours, guaranteed (usually it’s even faster than that!)
  • Live Chat – you can chat live with an agent 7 days a week from 6a-12a PST, if you’d prefer immediate response. It’s a great way to get help for something on your phone, especially.
  • How-To guides and a Support Forum – if you prefer to find your own answers, but need a little help, we can do that, too. We have how-to guides created specifically for YOUR device, complete with screenshots, to help you get the most out of your new toy. The Support Forum is also a great place to connect with others for assistance.
  • Mobile App – the best part, however, is our new Mobile App! The RadioShack Mobile Product Support App automatically detects the phone that you have it installed on and serves up how-to’s and guides for that specific phone. You can also use the app to immediately connect with our Mobile Product Support team, or to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a video showing off the cool new features:

The RadioShack Mobile Product Support App is currently available on the Android Market, and will be available on iTunes soon, with other versions coming shortly after.

So, now when you get your new cellphone or tablet at RadioShack, you can know that The Shack has your back for as long as you own your device. Cruise on over to the RadioShack Mobile Product Support site to check it out, or get answers to any other questions at our Support FAQ.

What’s your favorite part of the new RadioShack Mobile Product Support service?


  • Will Castro

    Does an iPod touch count as a “mobile device”?

  • Ronald G Farmer

    Have att acct. HTC inspire 4g phone, how do i text att to find out how much data and minutes ive used

  • christina gohlke

    I can’t send text messages containing either pictures or videos or ringtones. How can i send them please help me. Everytime i try it just says “sending”

  • Jerry Day

    I purchased a Samsung Seek cell phone,How do i enter my number to show up to the person i am calling?

  • David Othello

    Your policy Sucks to ask people their Social Security Number so somebody at some random *** store could have your info, and tell me it’s your dumb *** policy that has them requesting it. It’s no wonder Identity theft if one of the most common crime today. Excuse my language or edit it I’m pissed.

  • Ina Cordes

    I am trying to have my phone go to auto rotate

  • larry

    I have a attt z221 phone, how do i turn on the speaker phone?

  • Jesus Christ

    read your manuels.

  • Joe Bacher

    I have an HTC Inspire when connected to USB sync doesn’t see it, I can set up as disk drive and charge through cable. how do i get sync to see it.

  • Diane

    OK, I am not tech savvy; Read my manual. Nothing on how to delete phone numbers. I have experimented; can’t delete any. I admit; I am old and a pencil and paper kind of woman!

  • David Miller

    Dear Dianne – try pressing and holding on the contact in which you want to delete.when you release your finger it should bring up an option screen,press delete…

  • hozefa

    i bought blackberry playbook…does that covered under mobile support????

  • Daniel Gamboa


    Your blackberry playbook should be covered under our mobile product support policy. All you have to do is take it to a Radio Shack and ask for a brochure and they’ll be able to set it up for you no problem.

  • Steve Calandro

    I want to thank Don, the tech support rep I spoke with at 11:00 PM last night (2/28/2012). He stayed with me for over 45 minutes to guide me thorough multiple attempts to restore data service to my OLD Samsung Windows phone. It had spontaneously lost email capability, my stored email, nav capability, and the ability to do anything but make a call and use text messaging.

    He researched and patiently walked me through option after option, ultimately guiding me to a factor reset.

    After hanging up, I successfully restored email and other lost functionality. (It too hours to synch up with my desktop Outlook, but that’s a MS thing.)

    Thank you Don for all your help and patience. You are the tech support guy a customer needs at 11:00 PM.

    YOUR ROCK! Steve

  • patricia

    i just bougth iphone 4s and i it wont let me put my verizon email can u help me with this problem

  • Manny

    @David Othello. Radioshack only ask for your Social Security number if you’re applying for a phone. And in that case, it is the cell phone carrier that needs it to check your credit to see if you need a deposit or not. Not RS. I

  • Doughsellz

    @David Othello. In addition to Manny’s reply I can attest that most stores will have you either present your SSN in card form or have you write it on paper (which will be returned to you) so as not to allow other customers the opportunity to hear you speak your SSN out loud. Radio Shack & it’s employees respect your privacy.

  • Debi

    I just bought a kindle fire and when I go to Facebook friends, the only ones that show up are the a’s. No other listings are there. How do I get my entire friends list.

  • helayne

    can I make the font on my phone for texting larger???

  • mary moore

    i really would like to check out the deals you guys have on the phones.

  • mary moore

    i am currently trying to get phones through radioshack.

  • April Posey

    I can’t figure out how to set or reset my visual voicemail password.

  • jeff

    Ijust purchused a Pantech (p9070) how do I get the mp3 player to work

  • Sharon Bechtold

    The new Pantech Breeze III was purchased today. I would like to change the incoming ring tone. Would like to have a choice on selecting a ringtome.
    Thank you,

  • Barbara

    I have a no-contract smartphone & cannot hook it up. Its a verizon.

  • elizabeth

    how can i fixe mi touchscreen it doesnt workl and i dontknow why??

  • Janet

    I ought a Samsung stratosphere phone a few days ago & have a few questions.
    How do I turn off the voice that answers my phone & announces who it is?
    How do I turn up the volume of the person calling?They are almost inaudible unless I use the speakerphone. The setting I could find is at the highest
    How do I remove widgets from my pages?
    My apple macbook does not recognize my phone when I plug the phone into the computer.

  • susan blount petty

    I just bought a new htc phone trying to set up my old google account which I had written down the password and name no luck. nothing will sycn either

  • Jami

    I am having trouble with iTunes on my computer. i have downloaded it but is saying that iTunes has stopped working everytime i try to open it from my desktop

  • lupita vacio

    Having trouble with camera on phone pictures come out upside down

  • lorraine lewis

    I just bought a sumsung Flight 11. I have never used a Samsung before.Only a Nokia. I am totaly confused. !!!
    Is there a photo of my phone anywhere that will give me proper instructions??

  • roseann hillman

    I cannot register my new phone. It will not accept my phone number.

  • Bobbi

    I have a Kyocera virgin mobile and I would like to know were to find recent calls??

  • Karen Westmoreland

    I have the Galaxy S 3, and had a photo card put in. I just went to print some pictures and the pictures didn’t go onto the card but are in the camera/phone. How do I get these pictures onto the card so I can print them and the pictures I take in the future go to that card. Thanks.

  • Diana Ortiz

    I have an iPod toudh and I forget the password. How can I dessactivate this password to put another and use the iPod again?

  • Mark Rowntree

    Remove error code 67 from LG Optimus (forever)


  • Sam Gualtieri

    Is it possible to sychronize music in the Itunes Library on
    to the newly purchased IPad(not all of which was
    purchased at Itunes store but is stored in the Library?
    If yes–how.

    Thank you,

  • Barbara Matheny

    I just purchased a Kindle Fire tablet and can not get on wifi. It keeps asking for a password. Where do I get a password”

    Thank you