How To: Save $100+ On An iPad 2 From RadioShack

Tablets are one of the hottest items on people’s holiday shopping lists this year, and the Apple iPad 2 is topping the charts. At RadioShack, we want to make it So Right for you to be able to pickup an Apple iPad 2 while still having some money left for other gifts, so we’re launching the hottest offer yet. From now until December 24th (Christmas Eve!), you can get up to $100 in gift cards and save up to $250 additional when you buy an Apple iPad 2 at RadioShack. How do you do that?

Apple iPad 2 at RadioShack

First off, when you buy any Apple iPad 2 at RadioShack, you automatically get a $50 RadioShack gift card, just like that. You can use the gift card to pick up a snazzy Smart Cover or sweet headphones, or you can save it and give it to someone else this holiday season.

Second, if you’re using The Shack Credit Card to buy your Apple iPad 2, you can also get an additional $50 Visa gift card by mail. This promotion also goes through the end of the year and is valid for ANY Shack Card purchase over $399.99. The Shack Credit Card also has other benefits, such as a 15% discount on all store-stocked batteries, as well as various no interest offers throughout the year. You can get full details on The Shack Credit Card here.

Third, one of the best ways to get a great deal on the Apple iPad 2, though, is with The Shack’s Trade & Save Program. You can bring in your old cellphones, tablets, or other electronics and get INSTANT value towards a new one, like the Apple iPad 2. This means you can save up to $250 on your new Apple iPad 2 when you trade in your old iPad.

You can get full details from any RadioShack Associate – simply use our Store Locator to find the RadioShack location near you.


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  • Manu Patel

    We went to two radio Shacks in Connecticut area one in Cromwell and in Wethersfield. They told us it is not available. Earlier day before checked with these store by phone and they told us you need to come to the store to order it in person. When we went today they told us they do not have anymore available.

    What is this? Is this true or gimmick only to get to the store? Why waste our time?When I asked if I can order on phone by using my credit card they told us to come to the store and order in person.

    Please advise how can we get it?
    Manu Patel

    • Ricky Cadden

      Thanks for letting us know, Manu. This offer is only available in-store, and unfortunately we are not able to take phone orders for any product.

  • Mark

    How long does it take to get the $50 Visa gift card? I bought my Ipad 2 the first weekend in December and still dont have the Visa gift card….

  • Ash

    I had a “great” experience with the store in my neighborhood. Whenever I asked them if they had the ipad 2, they would say no and it would be here in 2 days. When I used to call them after 2 days, they would say delivery hadn’t come in yet. This happened on 3 occasions; reading the previous 2 posts makes me feel good that I finally gave up and bought it from bestbuy. No wonder Radioshack stores are always empty or filled with people looking for chargers and sub-$10 electronics.

  • Mike Burrell

    got an ipad2 for christmas but lost the mail-in form for the $50, is there a way to submit online?

  • jasy

    how much time does it take for the shak credit card to arrive? please answer is urgent! thank you


    I imagine that this promotion is now over but it seemed like a good offer. Do you have any similar offers at present?

  • Amber

    Can someone please comment on whether they actually got the $50 Visa gift card, or how to go about getting it or who to get in touch with? I purchased my ipad 2 when this deal was going on, got the gift card immediately and was told by the cashier that the visa card would be sent by mail once I made a few payments on my radioshack card. I was a little nervous about that, and sure enough it is June 1st and I never got a Visa $50 card.

    • Ricky Cadden

      Amber – you should have received the Visa card by now. Can you please send an email with details (including the order number from your receipt) to so we can follow up with you and make sure you get it?

  • Amber

    Will do thank you very much!

  • Tammy

    Radio Shack has some of the most incompetent employees and practices in place — PERIOD! I went in to purchase two iPhone 5’s…Walmart is selling the SAME phone for $127. Even though “The Shack” has a mobile phone low price guarantee–it doesn’t apply to the iPhone. I had to call customer service for a separate issue–you can’t speak to a human being but you can be e-mailed only to be told customer service is handled in stores. THEN, I tried (unsuccessfully) to return new cell phone cases w/ receipts-they said they didn’t know how to return because I used a coupon! Not only did one store tell me this-4 stores did. I just wonder if Radio Shack stores are privately owned or what. You are always sent back to the original store—I can’t understand. Frustrated and will NEVER purchase from them again. I will also return my cell phone:(.