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We all take pictures with our mobile phones. From snapping a shot of what you’re having for lunch, to immortalizing that one time you just happened to sit down next to a sad Keanu Reeves on a park bench. Check out these five apps that are sure to help you make the most of your mobile phone’s camera and your creativity.



Instagram – Free

This is one of our favorite photography apps because the platform allows for very easy sharing across many social media hubs, including: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous. If you want to go old school, you can even email your photos to share! Enabling geotagging on the app also lets you to capture where in the world you took your Instagram pic. And with 15 different filters that are easy to use, each and every pic you take will have its own look and feel.

Much like Twitter, Instagram lets you follow your friends and your favorite celebrities and brands.

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Photoshop Express – Free

This powerful app gives you desktop-like editing power in the palm of your hands. What’s great about Photoshop Express is that even if you’ve never used the full Photoshop version on a computer, Express is very intuitive and easy to use.

There are four main editing options across the top of the app’s interface. The first drop-down allows you to rotate and crop your photos, the second lets you adjust a picture’s color and contrast levels, and the third offers focus and sharpening options. The final category will let you add effects or borders to your picture.

Though the sharing capabilities of this app aren’t as robust as Instagram (you can only share to, Facebook and the now dated Twitpic), Photoshop Express really gives you a lot of control and power over your mobile photos.

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Camera+ – $0.99

Camera+ is one of the most robust and innovative photography apps we’ve seen. In addition to the standard assortment of filters, effects and borders, the app really shines in its pre-photo technology. There’s a built-in stabilizer that decreases blurriness. The continuous flash fill (using the iPhone 4’s LED flash) provides more consistent lighting in low-light environments. It also has a grid to help you line up shots and a 6x digital zoom for close-ups.

But its most innovative feature is the Touch Exposure and Focus control. This feature gives you the ability to set your exposure rate separately from your focus. But what does that mean? Glad you asked. Basically, you can focus on your subject in the foreground and adjust the lighting (exposure) in the background with just a touch. So your entire photo is lit properly. No more super-dark backgrounds!

For the Point-and-shoot photographer, pics can also be adjusted with Scene Modes. Just snap your shot and pick the situation (Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach, etc.) let the app do all the hard work!


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PicSay Pro – $3.99

So you’re a mobile picture Picasso and adding a mere Facebook comment to your pics just won’t do. What you need is an app that will truly let you express yourself. That’s where PicSay Pro becomes your digital palette.

It features the standard assortment of filters and effects, but the coolest part of this app is its ability to add titles and word balloons to your mobile pictures. Now your graphic novel about that monster burrito is just a few clicks away.

With PicSay Pro’s editing tools, you can isolate colors and make them pop out of black and white photos. You can also color correct and sharpen your images. Like wacky pics? You’ll also be able to distort, twist, pinch and stretch your photos. What!? That isn’t enough for you? Well you can also slap some flair onto your pics by choosing and adding from a selection of hats, helmets, hairstyles, masks, glasses, ears, noses, beards and moustaches.

If you’ve always wanted an entire circus’s prop box and a suite of photo editing tools crammed into one tiny app, this is it. Do not pass go. Just pick up PicSay Pro.


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Pocketbooth – $0.99-$1.99

It’s always refreshing when an app comes along and just makes you smile. Pocketbooth embraces the simple human truth that photobooths are fun! Honestly, when’s the last time you saw someone not having fun in a photobooth? Now you can take that experience anywhere you can take your mobile phone.

The Android version of Pocketbooth features four filter types, two paper stock options and the choice of either a 3-pose or 4-pose photo strip. The iPhone version is meatier with additional features like a 1975 filter, flash integration, AirPrint compatibility and GPS tagging.


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What’s your favorite photography app? Leave us a comment and tell us which one you use most often and why.


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