Samsung Galaxy S II For AT&T and Sprint

Having been in and around the mobile industry for years, I can get pretty passionate about smartphones. One of the hottest new smartphones to arrive in RadioShack stores is the Samsung Galaxy S II. This super-slim phone has an awesome Super AMOLED Plus display and is available on Sprint as the Epic 4G Touch, and on AT&T as the Galaxy S II. When I saw Paige doing a video showing off the AT&T version, I just had to jump in and make sure she knew which is better, so check it out:

Both the Samsung Galaxy S II from AT&T and the Epic 4G Touch from Sprint are available today at your local RadioShack store. Don’t forget you can bring your old phone in to trade it in and save instantly on your new phone, too!

What’s your favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy S II?


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  • tony

    wow, you might want to find a different way to get the features and accessories to us. This was horrible.

    Also probably should have picked different phones, than ones are nearly identical…

    Not to insult the actors, this was whoever wrote this thinking it was a good idea – horrible.

    • Ricky Cadden

      Thank you for the feedback, Tony. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our videos – do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the future? We’re all ears.

  • Bobnice

    Both phones are good.But for me,the 4.5 screen is the better one.
    Also touch is the way to go,I think and like it.
    Now the most important part $$$
    Sprint offers the BEST price monthly,if you ad it all up.

  • jay

    Compare with the iPhone. That’s what everyone wants to see! Duh!

  • woodrow moore

    Hello im almost ready for my up grade and have yet to decide on a phone. I like lg mauquee but could you get sprint tv on it and is it 4g. Maybe i will get a sansunm gallaxy ll touch.because it may have all that my lg optiums s have so that it til then.

  • N Mikton

    Im with Jay, iPhone set the bar, show us a comparable phone, to at least make me think twice before I buy another IPhone, I like the larger screen now show some of those sweet Samsung video apps on the display, I don’t to see actors Just a tight shot on the phone, and show me all the bells and whistles in 20 seconds, Samsung should not be a follower, it’s engineering staff is unsurpassed, pave a whole new trail, show me something so off the wall, that makes my life easier, then bring that passion to the forefront, and bam, you are the biggest hit on the planet, if you need the next big idea, I’ll be more than willing to help, the Noble One!

  • Billy

    Count me in with the above comments. The ad was terrible and sounded more like two high school kids comparing gadgets. A like for like against the iPhone would be perfect, maybe showing some features of the OS for each in a side-by-side comparison (speed of opening apps, what one OS offers over the other, etc). Personally I don’t want to see fake ‘real’ people, I’d rather have someone who sounds like they’re technically minded talking about the phones. If you didn’t have this Comments section I’d have just left and gone straight to Best Buy or direct to Sprint.