Introducing The Nook Simple Touch And Nook Color At RadioShack!


At RadioShack, we’re all about giving you choices. Whether that’s the choice of what type of case to get for your new smartphone, what color LEDs to put on your latest project, or which e-reader to get for your significant other, we’ve got you covered. To give you even more choices, we recently added the Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color e-readers to our local stores, so you can easily pick up a great solution for carrying a whole library of books with you easily. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide, so we wanted to help you by highlighting some of the key features and differences between the NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color e-readers.

NOOK Simple Touch

If books are your thing, the NOOK Simple Touch is definitely going to be your best bet. This little e-reader’s 6-inch E Ink Pearl touchscreen display is specially designed for easy reading – it works great outdoors in direct sunlight, and the low power needs of E Ink allow for up to 2 months of reading before you’ll need to recharge it via the standard microUSB port.

The NOOK Simple Touch has 2GB of internal storage, so you can carry up to 1,000 books, but also features a microSD card slot, so you can add even more storage! The size is perfect – 6.5in x 5in x 0.5in – and it only weighs 7.48 ounces, so it’s really easy to just slip into your bag for reading anywhere. The back and sides of the NOOK Simple Touch are slightly rubberized, so it’s really easy to hold.

The NOOK Simple Touch  features built-in WiFi connectivity, so you can easily download books and newspapers on-the-go. It also offers free WiFi at any Barnes & Noble or AT&T hotspot, which is pretty good network around the country. You can sample any of Barnes & Noble’s 2 million books, and also get individual issues of great magazines and newspapers.

NOOK Color

The NOOK Color, on the other hand, is a much better option if you want to read more than just books. The NOOK Color’s Android-based operating system and 7-inch VividView color touchscreen display make reading magazines and newspapers a breeze, and there’s a great selection of interactive children’s books, too. You can also check out special NOOK Books that include audio and video segments to really spice up the reading experience. You can also shop from an array of popular Android applications that have been tweaked especially for the NOOK Color – this includes Angry Birds, Lonely Planet, Epicurious, and more!

The NOOK Color is almost considered a tablet, measuring in at 8.1in x 5in x .5in, thus making room for the widescreen display. The NOOK Color is also a bit heavier at 15.8 ounces, and the back is similarly rubberized, so it’s easy to hold. Both devices have a single ‘N’ button at the bottom that allows you to navigate back to the homescreen or access extra features. Like the NOOK Simple Touch, the NOOK Color charges via microUSB, and it offers up to 8 hours of continuous use.

The NOOK Color features 8GB of internal storage alongside a microSD card slot for extra storage – you can load it up with your favorite photos, videos, and music for entertainment on the go!

Both the NOOK Simple Touch and the NOOK Color feature the cool LendMe technology that makes it really easy to ‘borrow’ e-books from your friends, as well as the ability to share what you’re reading on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can now pick up the Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Color at RadioShack, along with a great selection of cool cases to add some flair to your new e-reader.

Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite book of all time is and what your favorite feature of the NOOK Simple Touch or NOOK Color is. We’ll pick two random winners to receive a NOOK of their own!

UPDATE 10/25/11 – Thank you all for the great comments! We have chosen our winners – congrats to Shaina D. and Darrell C.! We will contact you via email to arrange shipment.


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  • Jim

    So many books. Which to choose? I suppose it would be Harold and the Purple Crayon. It inspired my desire to wander the world and make things happen.

  • Joe Thompson

    Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird & fave feature of NOOK color is the borrowing ebook feature!

  • Chris Bradley

    My favorite book is “Of Mice and Men”. My favorite feature of the NOOK Simple Touch is the E Ink Pearl touchscreen display.

  • Jim

    So, Harold and the Purple Crayon… and favorite feature of the nook? Probably a real touch screen rather than simple, mechanical buttons.

  • Shaina

    Choose a favorite book? Impossible. If I HAD to choose, it would likely be 1984 by George Orwell. Such a fascinating story, and an interesting take on what ‘could be’ in society.

    I love the small size of the Nook Simple Touch – it’d be great for traveling! :)

  • Grace Papaseraphim

    Fave book would be “To Kill A Mockingbird” Classic, brings back Junior High School memories. I would love the Nook Color. I love how the color just jumps off the page! Thanks for doing this contest!

  • cindy c

    Fav book is Misery and love the size of the Nook

  • Matt K

    “3 Nights in August” is my favorite book, and definetly the touch screen is my favorite function.

  • edward

    I like the nook simple easy to use and favorite book Inheritance

  • Tiffany S.

    My favorite book is “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks. He is such an amazing author and I feel like I can always relate to his books. We even share the same last name…no relation :) My fave feature of the Nook Color is the fact that it has 8GB of internal storage and also a microSD card slot for even more storage. If you are like me and love having pictures and music on the go, you will see how wonderful this is. Thanks RadioShack for always being my favorite place to shop for all my technology wants and needs!

  • Carla

    Beach Music by Pat Conroy I love the characters. What’s not to love about the Nook Color. It is a must get for my holiday list.

  • Darrell C

    My favorite book of all time is There and Back Again, or The Hobbit. My favorite feature of the Barnes & Noble Nook is the ability to change the future of literature and social reading.

  • aj

    Gone with the wind – an epic summer read book. The size of the nook color is perfect.

  • Ann

    The nook color is awesome because software developers (like me) can develop apps for the nook. This ROCKS!!! Hope I get picked. My fav book is “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

  • jason

    I would have to go with Name of the Wind. As for my favorite feature, it has to be that with a microsd card I can turn it into a tablet that rivals a galaxy tab

  • Diandra v.

    To kill a mocking bird is an all time fav. Book of mine, I love the touch because u can get to the books faster, turn pages quicker all by a touch of ur fingers just like a book.. I love the color cuz u can see pages that where meant to been seen in color

  • Eric

    It’s a toss-up. At a younger age A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite, but as I grew older I appreciated the classics more and more. Great Expectations quickly became the favorite.

  • Eric

    It’s a toss-up. At a younger age A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite, but as I grew older I appreciated the classics more and more. Great Expectations quickly became the favorite.

    My favorite feature of the Nook Color is its Android backbone!

  • Lynnie H

    Fave book: The Way the Crow Flies.
    The rubberized feel of the Nook makes it seem friendlier, if that makes sense. Color pages look great, too.

  • Kenia

    My favorite book right now is “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and my favorite feature of the borrow ebooks.

    thanks for the opportunity =]

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    I love The Lord of The Rings, so much better than the movies, and the movies are great. I love everything about the Nook Color, the fact that is pretty much a tablet, and the colors, not just black and white, and I love the memory space, more books for me! :)

  • Olga

    Gotta love the “Harry Potter” books! They are my favorite. I love everything about the Nook Color and been wanting one for a long time. I’m glad there is a device out there that encourages reading!

  • Keklar

    One of my favorite books of all time is “Das Parfum” (The Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, a German book. There was a movie based off of it too :P It’s about a guy who has a supernatural sense of smell, and murders girls so that he can create the perfect scent. Pretty creepy, but so intriguing.
    My favorite feature of the Nook Color is being able to get other apps so it’s more than just an e-reader

  • Paige Guyton

    Thank you all for the great comments! We have chosen our winners – congrats to Shaina D. and Darrell C.! We will contact you via email to arrange shipment.

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    Congrats to both!

  • Janice Weeks

    I just bought the Nook Color at Radio Shack last week for $249 and now I see that Barnes and Noble are offering it for $199. Any chance you’ll refund the difference? I do love it!