Enhance Your Cellphone At Home With Motorola

With the rising popularity of the smartphone, landline phones have gone by the wayside. In fact, I am a part of a generation who has never had her own landline phone – I’ve always had a cellphone instead. However, there are a few limitations of smartphones that can be frustrating. For starters, they run on batteries, and the more features we pack into them, the faster those batteries get drained. Also, they’re reliant on the fact that you have a strong cellular signal. If you live in an area with spotty coverage, it can get really frustrating trying to find that perfect spot in your house to talk on the phone.

Motorola (the company that probably made your cellphone, too) has a unique new solution available at your local RadioShack store – the Motorola L512BT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth. This device looks and acts just like a regular landline phone, complete with a second base station and handset, built-in digital answering machine, and more. What makes it stand out, though, is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use these handsets with your cell phone!

First, you connect the system to your cellphone via Bluetooth (just the first time – it’ll automatically connect after that). Then, simply place your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices next to the base (within 2ft to avoid interruption) and then make yourself at home. When a call comes in, it will ring on the cordless handsets, as well as on your cellphone. This allows you to charge your cellphone, walk away and still be able to make and receive calls using the cordless handsets. It also allows you to keep the home phone experience without having to pay the landline cost, especially since landline phones tend to have bigger buttons that are easier to use.

It also provides flexibility for wireless reception, which can really be a lifesaver.  Nearly everyone can think of a place where you do not receive service and a place where you receive great service in your house! The Motorola L512BT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth solves this by letting you simply place the base (and your cellphone) at the most optimal place of service and then have freedom to receive phone calls anywhere in the house. It’s almost like having a signal booster right there in your house.

The Motorola Cordless Phone with Bluetooth also has some of the same conveniences of a landline. It comes with a digital answering machine and speakerphone, just like you’ve come to expect. It also offers speed dial, and you can connect up to 5 handsets, to easily extend your coverage throughout the entire house!

You can use our Store Locator to easily find a RadioShack store near you and check the Motorola L512BT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth out for yourself! Don’t forget to pick up a new Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, too – we have a huge selection of options including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Tracphone, Boost Mobile, and more.

Now that we have you excited, Leave a comment below to tell us what YOU think is the coolest feature of the Motorola L512BT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth! We’ll pick a few random comments to win one!

UPDATE 11/2/11 – Thank you to Jeremiah, Robert, and Jason for your comments! We would like to send you something special! We will contact you via email to arrange shipment.



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  • jason

    The coolest feature? Being able to talk for hours without turning your ear into a furnace! As an added bonus you and a loved one can share the phone to talk without the need for speakerphone!

  • Robert

    Wow, new way to have a home phone without having a home phone! This would be great for me and my Wife to use. Much easier than having to grab our phone of the charger at night!

  • Jeremiah Anway

    Very cool! I’ve been looking at these for a while and saw a few brands that I’m not sure I really trust. Motorola has always made solid cordless phones- so I think if I were to bite the bullet on one of these wicked cool setups, it would be this model.

    The bluetooth feature is very slick. There’s only a few places in my home that have a signal at all some times, and there’s no chance on the best of days that I can use my cellphone in the basement- so I think I’d find some real value in something like this.

  • Dave E

    One thing that needs to be recognized here… when you’re “tlaking for hours without interruption” your cellular phone is amassing voice minutes used – not data.

    You should only be reliant on this method when your provider allows for FREE talk time.

    Thought this would be good advice!

    • Ricky Cadden

      That’s a great point, Dave! You should definitely keep an eye on the number of minutes that you’re using each month to avoid overage fees.