Batteries With A Long Life

We move at such a fast pace today that we forget to notice something even when it is gone. A clothing style that has gone out of fashion, a band that became a one hit wonder, or that food that has spoiled in your refrigerator, “STUFF” does not last long. Most things around us are gone before we ever notice. That is why it is so nice to hear a story about a set of batteries that out lived its shelf life.

Geof G. was kind enough to share his story with us about a RadioShack Computer Truck and its batteries. Here is his story:

Hello my name is Geof  G. and I wanted to share an amazing story with you. Recently I was rummaging through a box of toys I had from the 1970’s. In the box I discovered a Tandy Radio Shack “Computer Truck”. When I flipped the switch on it came on and ran! I opened the battery compartment and discovered that it still had the original Tandy Radio Shack batteries from the early ‘70’s. This beats the heck out of the old Energizer Bunny! I have enclosed a picture of the truck. I’m not sure exactly what year the truck was purchased but I’m sure I was not even 10 years old; I’m 45 now (born in 1966). I thought you might want this story for your bragging rights on these batteries. My entire family is amazed at the sight and sounds from batteries of this vintage.

Thanks so much, Geof G.! Do you have a memory of RadioShack product? Leave a comment below!


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    Radio Shack guarantees there products. No fire hazards, I trust.