When I joined on at RadioShack, I knew we sponsored LIVESTRONG, and that it was a cancer charity, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Over the years of being in the stores and in the corporate office, I’ve learned that it’s so much more. I recently had a chance to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin, TX, and was able to see firsthand what LIVESTRONG is all about.

The LIVESTRONG Challenge kicks off early Saturday morning with a 5k run. Over 2,200 people participated this year, and it was awesome to see so many people joined together for a common goal. The most humbling part of this 5k is seeing the different groups of people who were participating because they were directly or indirectly affected by cancer. There were so many families and friends who banded together with t-shirts made specifically for the run. These t-shirts mostly had the name of the person who they were running in memory of, along with something speaking out against cancer itself. Here’s one of my favorite examples:

It wasn’t a depressing event, though – on the contrary, the LIVESTRONG Challenge was incredibly encouraging and inspirational. These are over two thousand people affected by cancer who had the biggest smiles on their faces, totally energized with life and proud to be able to represent their friends and family members at such an event. Very humbling indeed.

Saturday afternoon a small group of RadioShack employees were able to take a tour of  LIVESTRONG HQ, to see exactly what LIVESTRONG does with the financial support that is raised. We got to see the new Cancer Navigation Center, a great community resource that offers free assistance for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. The center has only been open for 6 months and has already served over 1,000 individuals by helping them navigate insurance claims and other life decisions!

Sunday morning everyone woke up early and headed out to Dripping Springs, TX for the Ride for the Roses cycling event. Cyclists could choose several distances, from 20km all the way up to 90km! There were over 2,300 individuals riding in this part of the LIVESTRONG Challenge, many of whom had also run the 5k the day before. Several members of Team RadioShack, including Ben King, were out to support the cause, along with Lance Armstrong himself.

As with the 5k, it was really cool to see the different cycling teams with their own jerseys proudly displaying who or what they were riding for. The local high school dance team was onhand to cheer the participants on as they rode across the finish line, and the street at the end was covered with encouraging words scrawled in yellow chalk – the official color of LIVESTRONG.



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