Arduino-Powered Possessed Pumpkin

Possessed Pumpkin

With Arduino products on their way from Italy to RadioShack stores around the country, we thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to build something cool with RadioShack parts and pieces that’s powered by Arduino. We reached out to Daniel Gentleman, also known as Thoughtfix, who has built several cool Arduino toys, and was even featured in Make magazine once with his Chumby-phone. We sent Daniel a RadioShack gift card and challenged him to build something entirely out of parts and pieces that you would find at RadioShack, including Arduino.

Daniel: Once the parts order came in and the code was done, I had everything I needed for a Possessed Pumpkin. It will pulse gently red from the inside, but when someone comes close it will scream and flash brightly. It’s very likely to scare someone – especially with the 102db siren! I calibrated it for very short range, so I can have it stand over a box of candy. When someone reaches in for the candy – AAAAAAAHHH!!!  The best part about this kit is the simplicity: No shields or fancy wiring. It’s battery powered, with just some PWM code for the slowly pulsing light and some reaction code for tripping the PIR sensor.

Everything was purchased from RadioShack – either online or through the store on El Camino Real in Santa Clara. The manager of the store, Paul, rocks. He pointed out the voice recording/playback device to me. I had to add a transistor to make it work, but it’s great. That’s my wicked laugh, by the way.

Here’s the video of the final product:

You can get all of the tools needed to recreate this cool Halloween project at RadioShack:

9V Recording Module

MPS2222A Transistor

150 ohm resistors (5 pack)

(2) 10MM high brightness red LED two-packs (total of 4)
(2*$2.19) $4.38

10mm High-Brightness White LED

PIR Sensor Module

Total cost of Radio Shack parts: $31.13

These other parts are good to have handy:
Heat shrink tube:
Digital multimeter:
22 ga. solid hookup wires:
Zip ties:


You can find this and other cool user-built projects at The Great Create. What cool projects have you built using parts and pieces from your local RadioShack store?


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