3 Reasons A DSLR Is For You

DSLR is a word that many people know goes along with cameras, but they don’t know what it means. With cameras on just about any wireless phone, owning a high end camera like a DSLR may seem unnecessary. However, there are three primary reasons why you should learn what DSLR means and how it helps you capture the moment exactly how YOU want it!

Using a camera on a wireless phone or compact camera can bring  issues; missing that special moment because of focus lag, the inability to take photos in low light areas, and the inability to take a picture exactly how you want it with only one camera.  Before I go into explaining how a DSLR is capable of correcting these issues, it might help to know what DSLR means! 

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which means you see exactly what the lens sees. It uses a system of mirrors that allows you to capture exactly what you are seeing through the viewfinder. How many times have you taken a picture and it turns out darker than expected?  Here is a quick explanation; the light passes through the lens, is then reflected by the mirror, and projected to the focusing screen, allowing you to capture the exact image you were wishing to capture. While there are many manual options on a DSLR, the Auto feature allows you to capture pictures that make you look like a professional!

Now that you know how a DSLR works let’s look at three big advantages they bring:


One of the biggest frustrations using a wireless phone or compact camera  to take photographs is missing the moment because you were waiting for the flash or getting a photo that looks different than you wanted.  If you are frustrated with a sluggish camera, a DSLR camera has huge benefits allowing you to catch these fleeting moments!  DSLR cameras allow for more frames to be captured per second which means that you won’t miss that exact moment you want to capture. Many also have a “multishot” option that snaps several photos when you press the shutter button, so you can go look back and pick the best one.

Low-Light Photographs

DSLR cameras also have the ability to capture low-light photos even without a flash. They are able to do this because of the ISO. ISO is not an acronym, but a number for the amount of light that you allow your camera to absorb. Increasing the number when you are taking a picture in low light will slow down the shutter speed and give more time for light to enter. This is a great way that DSLRs are able to take a picture in low-lit areas when you are unable to use a flash. (Note: this also allows for the picture to become blurry, so be sure to hold the camera still or use a tripod.)

Multiple Lenses

Another benefit of a DSLR camera is the ability to change out the lens. This allows you to take all sorts of high-quality photos with only one camera and without the added cost of purchasing another camera. If you are a landscape buff and enjoy taking picture of mountains, downtown skylines or beach sunsets, a wide angle lens is a great way to take pictures of a landscape at low cost. If long distance photographs are what you are interested in a telephoto lens allows you to take long distance shots of a concert or sporting event. If you are taking a picture of something smaller, like jewelry or bugs, simply attaching a macro lens allows for better small still shots. Most DSLR cameras have these lenses available so you only need one camera with multiple lenses.

As you see DSLR cameras are very beneficial if you want to have control of exactly what you are trying to capture and never miss a single moment!

Leave a comment below and tell us how a DSLR camera would be beneficial to you and what moments you would not want to miss out on!  We’ll pick two random commenter’s to receive their very own DSLR camera with a Lowerpro camera bag and a 8GB Sandisk Extreme III SDHC memory card.

RadioShack carries a wide selection of DSLR cameras, lenses, bags and accessories , so you can get the full kit in one place.  Find a RadioShack store near year!

UPDATE 10/10/11 – Thanks for commenting everyone! We have chosen our winners – congrats to Chad W. and Denise M.! We will contact you via email to arrange shipment.


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  • Robert Stanulis

    My son plays ice hockey. I cannot capture this experience with any camera I have. I need a DSLR in order to retain these priceless memories.

  • Larry Blisard

    A DSLR would be ideal for what I enjoy shooting . . . landscapes!
    The interchangeable lenses would be perfect for composing, and ability to adjust speed and ISO would really help shooting during the “golden hour”.

  • Denise Makar

    A DSLR camera would be very beneficial for me in many ways. I would love to take better photos such as weddings, portraits and such. These events are very important for me as well as my family and friends. By using a DSLR, you can take photos in many different lenses without having problems. Right now, I only have a point and shoot type of camera to take photos since I can’t afford a DSLR since the recession has struck us all in some way. It would be nice to actually own my very first DSLR camera. It would make my job taking photos alot easier with the ISO and other settings on these cameras.

    If you would like to see some of my photos. I have a facebook page that is linked from my website.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

    Denise Makar

  • Tim Merkt

    My wife and i just spent a week hiking in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. We saw and took tons of pictures of bear, dear, coyote, waterfalls, vistas with our point and shoot digital camera. Out of several hundred pictures , I only found one, of a stream, that I would be proud to show to anyone. The rest just did not capture the moment at all. I kept telling my wife, “I wish I had a DSLR.”

  • Tucker Williams

    I’ve been in the market for a new camera. The simple point-and-shoots I have previously owned just won’t cut it anymore! A DSLR would be perfect for taking photos of the beautiful Northwoods during all seasons!

  • Deb O'Connell

    My son enjoys hiking, camping and all things outdoors. He has recently been getting into photography with a 35mm, but the developing costs are prohibitive for him. He would really enjoy a DSLR!

  • Chad Wiebesick

    Hi Radio Shack, I’ve been on the fence for months now about getting a DSLR. After reading the benefits in your article, I’m convinced it is the right choice for me. I’m taking my Fatner in Law on a 7 day cruise for his 70th birthday and would love to use a DSLR that has better zoom capabilities and low light capabilities than a compact.

  • Paige Guyton

    Thanks everyone for sharing what moments you would not want to miss out on! Congrats to our winners– Chad W. and Denise M. We will contact you by email to arrange shipping!

  • Chad Wiebesick

    Thanks Paige and Radio Shack! I can’t wait to use the new camera on our cruise to celebrate my Father In Law’s 70th birthday. This will be awesome.

  • Denise Makar

    I want to say thank you to Paige and Radio Shack! I can’t wait to use the new camera for taking photos. :)