Talking With Attendees At Maker Faire NY

Maker Faire NY was a blast! While there were some really cool booths (such as the RadioShack booth), I had an awesome time just talking with the attendees. Even though some of the folks attending Maker Faire didn’t have a booth or project with them to show off, they were all Makers and DIY enthusiasts of some sort, as you’ll see in our video:

The people I met at Maker Faire NY were truly amazing – friendly, passionate, and full of awesome, crazy ideas, like an articulated tail for Halloween costumes or tweeting water coolers. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to talk to all 35,000 attendees at Maker Faire NY, so we’ll give YOU the opportunity to share with us in the comments below:

What’s your dream project? If time and money were no object, what would YOU build?

Also, if you’ve already built something really cool and want a place to show it off, you should check out The Great Create movement at RadioShack. Show us what great creation you can come up with using RadioShack products, or browse through other projects to get some inspiration. We would love to show what our most creative customers can do!


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