RadioShack At Maker Faire NY

After experiencing the Bay Area Maker Faire earlier this year, we had quite an exciting challenge coming up with a cool booth to present at Maker Faire NY. The results were fantastic – the booth was packed nearly all weekend long, our DIY mobile charging station was a big hit. If you weren’t able to attend Maker Faire NY, here’s a quick video showing off the RadioShack booth.

As you can see, at the RadioShack booth, we had something for attendees of all ages, and our cool flashlight kit was a big hit! The RadioShack booth was also a great opportunity for our team of corporate employees to talk directly with Makers and DIY enthusiasts about what they’re passionate about.

Do you remember picking up a flashlight at RadioShack in the past? What was the last kit you built?


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  • Robert Boerner

    Can you tell us anything about the workbenches you had in your both? Were they custom built or commercial products? Any links to build plans? I would love to build one them myself but I can find good pictures of all the angles…

  • KennyW

    Where can I buy a few of the solder kits, I do not see them on line

    • Ricky Cadden

      Unfortunately the flashlight kits are not currently available for purchase. We’re looking into making them available in the future, though.