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Whether you prefer making things from scratch or just improving what’s already out there, The Great Create welcomes your ingenuity. Take a look at what this group of DIYers has created, and let us know if you have something great to add to our collection of user-submitted designs.

Portable USB Air Conditioner  

It’s not cool to be hot, so next time you’re feeling steamed, chill out with the ice-chilled breeze of your portable USB air conditioner. It’s not going to cool your house, but in close quarters, this handy little homemade AC works wonders. Grab a USB cable, a 9-volt battery and some ice, and start constructing.


Why we love it: It sure beats hauling a heavy window unit everywhere you go.

Cathedral Chime Doorbell

Makers never cease to amaze us. It never crossed our minds to pair a 1940s-era Deagan cathedral chime with some modern electronics to create one of the coolest door chimes we’ve ever seen. Bye-bye “ding-dong” and hello “Beethoven.”

Why we love it: It ensures everyone receives a grand entrance.

Hair Dryer Guitar Amp

We’ve heard of people singing into their hair dryers, but we’ve never seen someone rocking out quite like this. With a circuit, a speaker and some other basic DIY parts, you, too, can transform a ho-hum appliance into a lean, mean, distortion machine. Electric guitar not included.

Why we love it: It gives a whole new meaning to hair metal.

Solar Spying

Maybe you’re looking to add an element of safety to your house. Or maybe you’d just like to see who’s ringing the doorbell without having to get up from the couch. Either way, you’re going to need a security camera. With a few off-the-shelf parts, you can let the sun power it for you, saving energy and your sanity at the same time.

Why we love it: We love it when spy-tech goes green.

Customized Game Pad

There really is no substitute for an arcade-quality joystick in your hand and ultra-responsive buttons at your fingertips. With this custom mod, you can bring the arcade excitement home and use it with your next-gen console games. We sure wish we had this back in the day when we used to have Street Fighter II tournaments every weekend.

Why we love it: Classy games require classy controllers.

Keep the creativity coming, and be sure to tell your friends about this site. We love seeing new submissions. If you feel like showing off your amazing DIY project, enter it today at The Great Create , and it might be featured in our next top Great Creates post.


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