Meet Breanne & Paige-Your Virtual Tour Guides for ACL 2011

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Austin City Limits Music Festival – ACL, is an amazing festival jammed-packed with music, food, art, more music and a ton of great people-watching. The festival takes place in picturesque Zilker Park, in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. ACL is known as the venue for breaking little-known bands into the mainstream music scene!

If you’ve been dying to go but can’t get to Austin, we’ve got that taken care of. This year, RadioShackLIVE is there with Breanne and Paige. They’ll cover the shows and all the action deep in the heart of ACL. Meet Breanne and Paige:

Where are you from?

Breanne: I’m from San Antonio, which is about 80 miles south of Austin. We’re the ones with the Alamo and the River Walk.

Paige: I am a proud Texan. Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, and lived in the same house my whole childhood.


Tell us about the first concert you ever attended?

Breanne: The first concert that I remember seeing was the Judds. I saw them when I was 11 years old, at the San Antonio Rodeo with my parents. Good times.

Paige: The first concert I attended, I was 6 years old, and went to see Michael Bolton with my dad and my sister. It was so thrilling to me because I was able to stay out late (probably 10 p.m).


What is on your MUST SEE list at ACL?

Breanne: I’ve gotta see Asleep at the Wheel. They’ve played the first show at ACL since it began 10 years ago, and I’ve seen them each time I’ve been. I’m also planning on checking out Stevie Wonder. I’ve heard that Arcade Fire puts on a wondrous show, so they’re on my list. Delta Spirit, too. Wow, I’m gonna be busy this weekend, huh?

Paige: On my must-see list for ACL is Ray LaMontagne. He is my favorite singer of all time, and not bad to look at either!


What are you packing to take to the festival?

Breanne: In my backpack will be: my reusable water bottle, Chapstick, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, about 1,000 Claritin, and maybe a towel to lie on. I’ll have my backup rain boots available each day too, in case it ever rains in Texas again.

Paige: I will bring my TOMS shoes. I will also be taking a backpack to carry everything I need to stay connected – Enercell batteries and of course my iPhone 4!






How will we find you if you get lost in the crowd?

Breanne: You can call me, duh – this is 2011. Otherwise, I’ll be the one dancing like a fool – look for the flailing arms and legs.

Paige: I will be the one standing in the front row at Foster the People! I cannot wait to see them live in concert, and I am not going to miss it! If you miss me there, I have no doubt that I will be making several trips a day to the food stands!


What do you do when you’re watching a band you’re really into?

Breanne: When watching somebody that’s tons of fun and super high energy, I jump. And I jump and jump and jump. For more mellow music, sometimes I close my eyes and just listen to the music for a few minutes.

Paige: Well besides singing out loud, I also try to capture the moment on my phone! This will also allow me to show the followers of @RadioShackLive the excitement of ACL.

How do you plan on keeping readers @RadioShackLIVE engaged in your ACL experience?

Breanne: I’ll post what I’d want to see if I weren’t there  –  EVERYTHING. Pictures of bands, awesome ACL food (hello, chicken cone!) and interesting people-watching. Maybe I’ll even take a few polls.

Paige: I want to be able to document the fun I am having I can share it with everyone else!





Tell us about Austin.

Breanne: For me, Austin is music and fun. Austin isn’t about the daily grind – it’s music shows, going out downtown and eating all the food I can find (oh, also, the food is top notch).

Paige: Austin is all about being outside! When you go to Austin, you feel like the whole town is outside together being a part of the Austin experience.


What’s your favorite place to eat in Austin?

Breanne: Won’t miss a trip to Magnolia Cafe. I love their sandwiches, 24-hour breakfast, and their Mag Mud. What’s Mag Mud? Oh, it’s just queso on top of black beans and avocado. No sharing – get your own please.

Paige: If I had to choose it would be Abel’s on the Lake or South Congress Cafe.


What is your favorite gadget from RadioShack?

Breanne: I love gadgets – my immediate answer is “all of them.” If I had to make a more fine-tuned decision, though, I’d say their lineup of Sprint phones is pretty awesome – it’s where I got my current EVO 4G (on its release date, no less. Thanks RadioShack!).

Paige: It’s got to be the iPhone 4. Like most people, I cannot go anywhere without my smartphone. It might as well be glued to my hand.

Now that you are buds with Breanne and Paige, let them be your guide to ACL 2011. Make sure to follow them on Twitter @RadioShackLIVE and keep up with their buzzing through ACL.

This is post 2 of 6 in the ACL 2011 series


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