HTC EVO 3D In White First Look

This is post 6 of 6 in the HTC EVO 3D series

HTC EVO 3D in White

The HTC EVO 3D launched in RadioShack stores several weeks ago, and we took the time to show you the updated HTC Sense user interface, some tips on how to use the 3D camera, a sneak peak at the 3D movies and games, and even unboxed the phone, so you could see what comes with it. However, we’re super excited that the HTC EVO 3D in White is going to be available tomorrow, only at RadioShack! So excited, in fact, that we took the phone to our annual RadioShack Business Summit in Dallas to get a sneak peek at people’s first reactions to the sleek new color scheme.

The RadioShack Business Summit is our annual gathering that brings together more than 3,000 field leaders, corporate team members, and dealer franchise owners from across the country – and even around the world – who are all here to see what’s in store for Q4 and beyond. The RadioShack Business Summit draws in the best vendors who are here to show our team the best gadgets and gizmos with the latest in technology and innovation. Attendees come from a number of regions ranging from the Northeast, sliding down to the Caribbean, and over to the Northwest, along with dealer franchise owners from locations as close to home as Dallas to as far away as Egypt!

This is post 6 of 6 in the HTC EVO 3D series


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  • nancy

    The HTC evo white is a piece of crap Do Not Buy It

  • D!C!

    Thanks for the informative commentary on the EVO 3D…
    I dig mine.

  • Benny Smith

    I am very disappointed with the damage protection plan that I bought 4 of. Radio Shack makes it so hard and cumbersome that it truly is not worth it. I mean waiting for FEDX to come and then waiting for a gift certificate! and then it is only good for the sale price!!! That is the most useless and crappy replacement plan in America I know that one customer means nothing to a corp. like them, but they have just made me a Best Buy loyal customer.

  • Robert Leader

    fu nancy