#ACLfest Day 1 Recap

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What a first day of Austin City Limits 2011! It was not short of thrilling concerts, weather surprises and great food in Austin, Texas. Breanne and I were prepared with our concert schedule and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Once the 10 minutes of rain subsided we were ready to go and experience all the live acts.

Here are some of Breanne’s thoughts from the day:

I didn’t know what to expect from ACL this year, but what I do know is that day 1 of the festival was not a disappointment.

We started the day off checking out Asleep at the Wheel, a down-home old-fashioned Texas-country band that plays the festival every year. They were fabulous, as usual, and were a great start to a long, long day of music. After they finished their set, we set off to explore the festival grounds. We wandered through the food area, checked out the locations of each of the stages, and found where the fancy VIP area was located. During that trek, we had a few detours, including buying a few t-shirts and signing up to be in a bone marrow registry (normal festival stuff).

After that, we headed over to see Delta Spirit, who put on a great show that was lots of fun. Next were Ray LaMontagne, Foster the People, and Sara Bareilles. I hadn’t seen any shows by any of those bands, and I enjoyed seeing all of them. We wrapped the day with Coldplay. I had never seen them perform either, but I think I just might have to again – they were just wonderful to watch. I really enjoy their music, plus they had lasers, which multiplies the show value for me by about 10.

Paige again- Breanne and I were able to see several shows together, but also able to cover more ground by checking out different bands. One of my favorite music surprises was Pretty Lights. I had never heard them before and will definitely be going home and downloading some of their music. Besides the great music one of the greatest things about ACL is meeting wonderful people. We made friends with two girls holding up “Free Hugs” signs and two guys that instead of flag poles, they had big pictures of their faces on poles for people to spot them! I was also able to see Kanye West at the end of the night. He was quite the performer and I was able to check it out from the front row. He has mixed his powerful beats with the softness of ballet. The combination was incredible and made for an exhilarating show!

Also, be sure to check out Fernanda Alzas and Layla Flores with Lagartija Pop and Gabriel Bruzon with El Mundo Newspaper. They were here with us at Austin City Limits yesterday and have been capturing their experience!

Be sure to keep up with us, from @RadioShackLIVE – where Breanne and I will be tweeting all weekend! We also love to hear suggestions from you on where to eat or who we should see! Don’t miss out on one second of fun. If you are hear at Austin City Limits be sure to share your pictures and videos with us!

We are heading to South Congress for lunch, where should we go eat?

This is post 3 of 6 in the ACL 2011 series


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  • kathryn tufts

    Thanks for sharin gthese pics,it really was a big turn out there!! looks like tons of happy people having great time with you all…wished I was there,but these pics and story made me feel like I was :-} tyvm for sharing!