The Great Create

DIYers around the world have been solving problems for generations. From household, to scientific, to boredom, without the creative and innovative spirits of some of our best DIYers, our greatest inventions may have never been created. This is what The Great Create is all about – providing a stage for the technology inspired, from “mad scientists” to “closet engineers” alike, to display their imagination. Here are some of our favorite gadgets created by people just like you.

Dr. RE-Cycler

When we were kids we dreamed of the day when we’d all have our own robots, mainly to do our chores. But today, the advancements in robotics technology are making that dream a reality. Dr. R.E. (Robo Environmentalist) Cycler is not only an interactive and mobile robot, it is also a bona fide can-crushing machine.

Why we love it: Nothing says “innovative” like a robot who cares about the environment.

On-the-Go Laser Show

Love the feeling of being at a giant concert, with lights and lasers going wild around the room? With a couple of small motors, a powerful laser and a few building blocks, you can have a party in any room, wherever you are, with this portable laser show.

Why we love it: With this laser show, we don’t show up to the party, we bring the party.

Audio Controlled Light Show

It’s lights and sounds all in one, a duet of senses. With a few parts and a little know-how you can install these LED mini light shows all around your house. Turn on some music and watch the lights synchronize for a flashy effect or an ambient addition to your home sound system.

Why we love it: With the pulsing lights, we’ll never be alone when we dance in a room.

Handmade Electronic Music Workshops

With these handmade electronic music tools, you can condense an entire rock band into a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand. These DIYers are using Andromeda Space Rockers to make big beats in a small space, and with light-reactive photocells, the Rockers can make music of their own.

Why we love it: We’ve always wanted to say, “We’re with the band.” Now, we can wherever we go.

Dancing Spoon Box

There’s wall art, and then there’s this. This installation uses a little bit of music to make this modern art piece dance. Sound waves produce small puffs of air to make these spoons lift off the wall, creating a captivating display.

Why we love it: Never again will dinner be boring.

Self-Opening Box

Sometimes our hands are so filled with gadgets and tools that we have to either yell at someone to open a box for us or drop the tools, risking serious toe damage. But this self-opening box now allows us the power to open any box with the flip of a switch.

Why we love it: We love not breaking our toes or irritating our housemates.

Magnetic Accelerator

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a DIY Magnetic Accelerator! Check out this gadget that uses column magnets, ball bearings and a stabilizing base to create a (harmless) little rail gun to shoot off predators, or to set up your own carnival shooting games with your old bucket of army men.

Why we love it: It’s easy to make and fun to use.

These are just a few of the many gadgets in The Great Create, but we’d love to see more. Do you have a RadioShack DIY project that the world needs to see? Enter it today and don’t forget to check out all of the other projects for inspiration.


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