The Best of Great Create

There’s more awesome work going on in The Great Create, and we’ve found some of the top new gadgets that you’re going to love. These gadgets were all created by people just like you, who have a passion for making the ordinary, extraordinary and bringing their ideas to life with some DIY finesse.

The Mullet for Music

It’s business on the outside, and party on the inside. With a little bit of wiring, you, too can transform an old office briefcase into a traveling jukebox. You never need to worry about how you’ll start the music for your next flash-mob performance.

Why we love it: It’s a mashup of two of our favorite ’80s trends: mullets and oversized boom boxes.

The Modern Arcade Machine

Ever get nostalgic, remembering going to the arcade with a pocketful of change you’d saved all week? With today’s mobile gaming, that’s all been lost until now. Check out this mini arcade machine that brings back the excitement of old-school arcade games just by plugging in your mobile phone.

Why we love it: Building it is easier and much less expensive than buying a real one.

Natural Keyboard

If you have a little time on your hands, some old lumber and a Scrabble game that you don’t play anymore, you can test your craft skills by replicating this wooden keyboard. This is one of the most carefully crafted keyboards we’ve ever seen.

Why we love it: This is the second-best thing to do with Scrabble tiles. The best use is actually playing the game!

Quick on the Buzzer

Have you ever played a game with someone who insisted they were the first to answer, every time, even though they weren’t? No need to worry about that anymore. With a little bit of electric know-how, you can take back the reins and spice up your game night. Just make sure you have a guy in a cheesy suit as the host.

Why we love it: Shouting over others is fun, but doesn’t help us win.

Beginner’s Robot

It’s true … you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make your own robot. With some stuff you have lying around the house, and a few mechanical parts, you can turn just about anything into a functioning robot.

Why we love it: We’ve always wanted a robot around the office. And now we can have one.

We know there are so many creators out there, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on. If you have a great project, enter it today and it might be featured in our next The Great Create post.


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