Meet Ricky & Mike, Your Virtual Tour Guides to Lollapalooza 2011

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If you’ve ever been to Lollapalooza, you know that everything about it is a recipe for a great time. The crowds, the dancing, the MUSIC … it’s all so good you almost forget about the heat and humidity.  Almost.

If you haven’t been there, we’ve got it covered. This year, RadioShackLIVE will be there with our own Ricky, the Lolla-newbie, and Mike, the Chicago native, Lolla-pro and winner of the RadioShack and Gizmodo Lollapalooza contest, to cover the shows and all the action that goes along with them, day and night.  Check them out and learn what gets them psyched for the festival.

What was your first concert?
Ricky: I used to love going to see my friends play gigs in high school. I even played bass guitar once in a friend’s band at a school dance.
Mike: I don’t remember how old I was, but my first concert was Lynyrd Skynyrd with Hank Williams Jr.; I went with my mom.

Who is your favorite band playing at Lollapalooza?
Ricky: I’m definitely looking forward to Flogging Molly, but I’m really excited to see OK Go, too!
Mike: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to narrow it down to the Foo Fighters, and especially Flogging Molly. I can’t wait to see Pretty Lights and Skrillex, too.

What are you most excited about?
Ricky: There’s something about a live show that just seems to fire you up! I’m also really excited to hear the bands I don’t know and find some new favorites.
Mike: Besides working with RadioShack, I’m pumped about the energy of the crowds and, of course, the great music!

What’s the strangest thing that will be in your backpack?
Ricky: Before Lolla? Not much. After Lolla? Maybe some cool band souvenirs, I’m thinking drumsticks and guitar picks.
Mike: Ya know, I don’t think I’ll have anything strange on me this year. Should I bring a toothbrush just so I can say I do have something weird?

Who do you follow on Twitter?
Ricky: Mainly just people I know. I follow a couple of my favorite bands, too. No celebrities or random people I don’t know.
Mike: Besides a bunch of crazy celebrities, I follow lots of local people I know and some different news organizations.

Whose autograph do you want the most?
Ricky: My goal is to get Flogging Molly to sign my iPod Classic. That would be sweet!
Mike: Anyone, especially if they made a scene. I’d get them to sign my shirt because they’ll probably be a YouTube sensation the next day!

What is your Lolla wardrobe?
Ricky: I’d love to be in flip-flops, but I don’t think the crowds will take caution to uncovered feet. I’ll rock my trusty adidas.
Mike: I’ll have to find something good and light – we’ll be swimming in humidity and the sun will be crazy hot!

Lolla grub?
Ricky: Chi-town classics! I’ve got to get a Chicago Dog and make it to Giordano’s for some pizza. I hear “Chow Town” has some great local favorites, too.
Mike: Anything at Lolla’s “Chow Town.” Maybe I’ll just hop in one of the shortest lines.

Will you dance at Perry’s?
Ricky: Do I already have a backpack pocket full of glow sticks?  When at Perry’s …
Mike: Definitely, if I get to meet Perry Farrell, the all-knowing king of Lollapalooza! If not, probably.

Which after show are you looking forward to most?
Ricky: I’d love to see Arctic Monkeys with Disappear People at the House of Blues.
Mike: I really want to see Skrillex with Pretty Lights! Crystal Castles would be awesome, too.

What is your favorite gadget from RadioShack?
Ricky: Hands-down the Enercell Portable Power pack. I never travel without at least 2.
Mike: Anything that’s radio controlled. I love RC boats, cars, etc.

What is the last thing you purchased at RadioShack?
Ricky:  AA batteries so I could keep playing on my Xbox 360.
Mike: Cable adapters to finish a project I was working on.

Now that you know a little bit about Ricky and Mike, make sure to follow them on Twitter @RadioShackLIVE to keep up with them as they take Lolla by storm.

This is post 1 of 6 in the Lollapalooza 2011 series


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