#Holla4Lolla Day Two of Lollapalooza 2011

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Lollapalooza 2011

Day 2 at Lollapalooza 2011 in Chicago was a bit more relaxed, and it was nice to ease into the day. To get a look at the city, we opted for a Segway tour of Chicago in the morning. Our tour guide, Harrison, was hilarious and very knowledgeable about the city and the various places we checked out, such as the Shedd Aquarium and Soldier Field. This was the first time on a Segway for Mike and me, and boy was it cool! I couldn’t help but wonder if you couldn’t build something similar with RadioShack parts…

Mike and Ricky on Segways

Mike’s Thoughts

After the Segway tour, I caught Black Lips at the Playstation stage – I hadn’t heard a whole lot of their music, but they were really enjoyable. Death from Above 1979 at the Bud Light stage was a bit different, but they still rocked the crowd. Patrick Stump (former Fall Out Boy singer) was on the BMI stage, an intimate setting back in the trees. I really enjoyed his pop-music vibe as a change of pace from the rest, and the shade was definitely appreciated!

Patrick Stump At BMI Stage

Later in the day I caught Cee-Lo Green at the Music Unlimited Stage – he came out wearing a huge spiked shoulder pad setup that even had lights! His fans went nuts, and he had them jumping around. Atmosphere was up next on the Sony stage, and the whole crowd was bobbing their heads to his amazing rhymes.

Closing out the night was Eminem, one of the headliners of Lollapalooza 2011. There had to be at least 100,000 people packed in the Music Unlimited stage to see him, and he didn’t disappoint! He did a few tracks from his new album, but then really set the crowd off when he started bringing in buddies like Bruno Mars and Skylar Grey. He ended his set with a mish-mash of his old megahits, and of course everyone sang along. It was an awesome way to end Lollapalooza Day 2.

Ricky’s Thoughts

After the Segway tour, I camped out in our hotel lobby for a bit to catch up on email and tweets (a guy’s gotta work sometimes). While there, we noticed a couple sitting across the way with a homemade sign saying they needed tickets. Since we still had a few leftover, we thought it would be nice to surprise them, and we caught it all on camera! They were overblown, and keep an eye on the girl’s face – I thought she was going to cry for joy!

After that, I ventured in to Lollapalooza to check out the Lobster Corndog. It was unbelievably delicious, and now I’m on a mission to bring them to Texas, somehow.

Lobster Corndog at Lollapalooza 2011

I decided to kick back in the Lolla Lounge for most of the afternoon. Access to this VIP section was included in our 3-Day Pass tickets and had MUCH better bathrooms, as well as free food and drinks. Not a bad way to enjoy some great music.

Leave a comment below to let us know which band at Lollapalooza 2011 would have made you #Holla4Lolla! We’ll pick 5 winners to get a sweet prize pack from RadioShack, so make sure you leave a valid email address.

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UPDATE: Thanks so much for all the awesome comments – sounds like Coldplay and the Foo Fighters were crowd favorites! Our winners have been chosen, but you’re welcome to keep commenting, just for fun.

This is post 3 of 6 in the Lollapalooza 2011 series


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  • Patricia

    Foo Fighters!! #Holla4Lolla

  • Margaret

    Two Door Cinema Club!

  • Tiffany S.

    The Foo Fighters would have made me #Holla4Lolla. They are a true talent and can rock anyone’s face off.

  • Jamie

    alot of cool bands but I would #holl4lolla for Foo Fighters!!!!

  • Kathy

    There are a lot of great bands, but I have to go with Eminem making me #Holla4Lolla. He speaks real life and truth through his lyrics.

  • James

    I would #holla4lolla for Eminem or Muse!!Rock on!!

  • Mimi

    Sounds like so much fun! Bring it to Florida! We could use some Atmosphere to #Holla4Lolla!!! Woo hoo!

  • jeannine m

    The Foo fighters. I haven’t seen them in concert yet and they are one of my favorite bands

  • Anne Mostella

    I would defintely have to go for the Foo Fighters! #holl4lolla

  • Jeremy

    How about a Foo Fighters – Eminem mash-up! #Holla4Lolla

  • Jade

    Not a band but Lykke Li would’ve made me #Holla4Lolla!

  • Jim

    Definitely would love to see Foo Fighters most of all. What a way to finish the weekend!

  • Delanie

    Hmmm… tough one. either Coldplay or Muse #holal4lolla

  • linda brooks

    Foo Fighters are my choice!! #Holla4Lolla!!!

  • Kelcie

    Coldplay!!! #holla4lolla

  • Caleb

    Flogging Molly makes me #holla4lolla :)

  • Cole Shearer

    I think Maps & Atlases would make me #holla4lolla the most

  • Sally Lewis

    WOW! Great show, hard to pick just one!!
    I think I would #holla4lolla for Eminem and The Cars would take me back to my teanage years!

  • Mandy

    totally the foo fighters #hola4lolla

  • Morgan Medacier

    Eminem is good, but I love me some Foo Fighters, they would make me #Holla4Lolla.

  • Cheryl Y

    Coldplay would make me #Holla4Lolla

  • Jay

    The beatles!!!!!!!!!! of course :D they woulda made me holla

  • Laurie Thompson

    Foo Fighters would make me #holla4lolla

  • Jen

    Thank you again for the day 2 tickets! We had a blast! You guys are awesome!

  • Veronica Zorrilla

    The Lollapalozza 2011 band that makes me #Holla4Lolla! is ColdPlay or Eminem!

  • Brian


  • Judy

    Cage the Elephant #Holla4Lolla

  • Scott Y.

    Coldplay would have made me #Holla4Lolla but Foo Fighters would be sick also!

  • Ricky Cadden

    Thanks so much for all the great comments! Sounds like most of you would have loved to see either Coldplay or the Foo Fighters!

    Our five winners this time around are Kathy, Jade, Delanie, Laurie, and Scott. Ya’ll should have an email waiting from us!

  • amir

    If you didn’t see deftones, you didn’t experience lolla for what it’s worth. They did a mash-up of “7-words”, thier original song, and katy perry “fireworks.” I’ve seen them do it before, it was awesome. Then for day 3, I don’t see anything about being in the rain around 5:30 and watching Cage the Elephant kill it. They made the rain so much better with the tunes they were cranking out. And Foo Fighters are amazing, don’t get me wrong, I wish I was able to see them, but I was at Deadmau5. He tore it up, the lights, the front effect of the down pouring rain, the mud splashing around like that was it’s purpose in life. That was great. Well, there is always next year.