#Holla4Lolla Day One of Lollapalooza 2011

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Mike and I survived our first day at Lollapalooza 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. I had done my research, read up on survival guides like ours, and mapped out the bands that I wanted to see. However, nothing could have prepared me for the 90,000 milling around and awesome experience of seeing so many live acts.

We started the day off just right – roaming the grounds and getting a feel for the event…..and the VIP treatment. Access to the Lolla Lounge is awesome – the drinks are free (can I get a Red Bull?) and the food is too – definitely a good choice. There’s also a sweet shuttle that quickly gets you from one end of the festival to the other. The shuttle takes about 5 minutes, whereas walking would take at least 30, if not more. Obviously, you miss the cool stuff, but it’s still convenient.

As for music discoveries, Collie Buddz was incredible and rocked Perry’s with his reggae/rap vibes. I also found a new interest in Mountain Goats – they’re very chill. Skrillex blew up Perry’s stage with his crazy dubstep remixes and new material – I definitely danced just a bit. Of course, Coldplay ended the night like no other with great tunes, fireworks, and even a laser light show. It was completely insane.

I did manage to explore Chow-Town a bit – the pizza is highly suggested. I also really enjoyed people watching – there’s so many eccentric people walking around in all sorts of costumes.

Ricky again – my music discoveries were a bit different from Mike’s. The first act I caught was Ruby Jane, and she was really awesome. You could tell she was just pumped to be on stage jamming out, and I loved the fiddle. I also stumbled on TAB The Band playing at the Playstation stage, and they were totally rocking – I’ll be downloading some of their music from iTunes as soon as I can. Young the Giant had just got back from a tour in Australia, and they were on fire! The lead singer was all over the stage, dancing and even playing the tambourine for a while. I got really close to the stage and it was a definite thrill to feel the music.

If you want to follow along with us throughout the day, we’re tweeting from @RadioShackLIVE – you can keep up with Mike and I there, and we LOVE getting suggestions on where to eat or who to see. You can check out Mike’s schedule here and Ricky’s schedule here, to get an idea of where we’ll be – if you’re at Lollapalooza, we would LOVE to meet up with you. We’ll also be giving out prize packs throughout the weekend, so you definitely want to hop on Twitter to see what we’re up to.

This is post 3 of 7 in the Lollapalooza 2011 series


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