Introducing: The Great Create

Remember this post, asking for product suggestions from the DIY community? We received over 500 comments on the blog, and hundreds more from additional blogs and websites that picked up the story. We’re amazed and we thank you all for the generous amount of feedback you provided us. The comments were read and sorted through, and we’re excited to share what we learned as well as the great products we plan to add to our assortment.

The Great Create

One thing we’re certain of:  the passion that you all have for making, hacking, DIY-ing, tinkering and for RadioShack’s heritage products is still alive and well. That’s why we’re excited to announce The Great Create. We want to know the cool things you’ve made using RadioShack products, and we want to help you show them off! Take a look at the video to learn a little bit more about the movement.

Head over to to browse through the projects that have already been submitted, or get information on how to submit your own project. What have you made that you want to show off?


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  • Jimmy

    Sorry, but I don’t think I could assemble a full project of any respectable form by just using parts from Shady-o-rack. Some things like the parallax sensors are cool, but the severely limited and CRAZILY priced components just make the shack less useful than specialty sites, and local surplus / parts shops (don’t forget inconsistent and often lacking information on the packaging). Here in Winter Park, FL, the 5 extra minutes to get to Skycraft Surplus is well worth the savings and much better selection from a store that receives funding by reselling miscellaneous items for a profit, as compared to a huge corporation that has gone from parts supplier to phone sales.