Top 5 Weather Preparedness Apps

The weather’s been downright crazy recently. With big rains, flooding and way too many tornadoes all around, it helps to be prepared. Today, we’re featuring five of our favorite weather preparedness apps that can help you get ready for whatever’s next.

American Red Cross: Shelter View

Exclusive to iTunes, the American Red Cross: Shelter View app helps you find out when and where shelters have been opened to provide assistance during emergencies. We love that the app has the shelters listed in map and list views, and we heard they update info every 30 minutes across more than 60,000 potential disaster facilities. Really, only one question remains: How did our grandparents get by without smartphones?

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Disaster City Guide

We’ve been a fan of the site for a while, and thanks to the Disaster City Guide app, it’s always just a tap away. We dig the preparedness info, like steps to take during a natural disaster and what to put in your survival bag. We know the app icon makes it look like it’s specific to Texas, but trust us, the Department of Homeland Security is behind the info, so it’s a must-have for everyone.

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SAS Survival Guide

Can I eat that plant? How do I tie a clove hitch knot? What’s that bug called? These may sound like things your annoying little brother would ask, but you’ll find the answers in the SAS Survival Guide app. The author is a former British special services soldier who’s been there and done that. After spending some time with this app, we learned how to create a makeshift shelter, apply first aid and order a pizza with Morse code.

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S.O.S. by American Red Cross

When disaster strikes, you have two options: Run around in frantic panic, or be calm, cool and collected. Of course, staying calm is a lot easier when you’ve got the American Red Cross and Dr. Oz in your pocket. With the new S.O.S. app, exclusive toAndroid devices, you get both. We really love all the demonstrations the app has for how to act during common emergencies, like performing CPR and wound treatment. And Dr. Oz’s video narration is pretty calming, too.

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The Weather Channel

What’s in a name? Everything! The Weather Channel app never lets us down. We’ve got the weather for home base in Fort Worth, TX, set as the default, as well as a few other choice locations, like, say, the Bahamas. Well look at that, per

fect beach weather, AGAIN! But seriously, we love the location-based local video forecasts, and the severe alerts let us know when it’s time to run for shelter.

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Leave us a comment to tell us about some of your must-have weather preparedness apps, and be sure to check out our Top 4 Things To Pack In Your Weather Preparedness Kit  list, so you can be ready.


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