RadioShack Weather Preparedness Ride Along: Rob White

As part of our focus on weather preparedness with The Weather Channel’s Great Tornado Hunt with Mike Bettes, RadioShack took meteorologist and blogger Rob White on a ride along through tornado alley. Rob put together this guest blog post to share his experience.


My name is Rob White. I’m a meteorologist living near Austin, TX and I blog at “The Original Weather Blog“. Severe weather has always been my area of focus, and I enjoy sharing news, tips, and experiences with people that are not only in the weather, but in protecting their families from severe weather events. You can also follow me on Twitter at @SvrWxTweets


I had the pleasure of being asked to ride along with RadioShack and The Weather Channel for the last few days of The Great Tornado Hunt this week. We had fun with plenty of driving, looking at storms, and utilizing some great new technology and safety tools from RadioShack.


The Great Tornado Hunt is a slightly more organized form of storm chasing, performed during peak tornado season each year by The Weather Channel. The goal of any storm chaser is to find a severe thunderstorm, preferably one that is capable of producing a tornado. Chasers would love to see a storm in a wide open field in Kansas (like the one shown in the photo that we took below).


Severe storm with possible funnel cloud near Wilson Lake, KS on 6-1-11


Digital cameras and video cameras are a must-have item not only for storm chasers, but anyone else looking to capture weather-related or other life events. RadioShack can definitely help you with either category. One piece of technology available at RadioShack is the Looxcie:


The Looxcie is a wearable camcorder that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone. You can clip it over your ear just like a Bluetooth headset. The video is recorded in HVGA resolution and can be stored on the headset itself (4-5 hours recording time depending on the size of the clips) or on your Bluetooth-connected smartphone. It was especially designed for use with an iPhone, but is also compatible with Android 2.1+ smartphones.


If storm chasing isn’t up your alley but you want to make sure you and your family are safe during severe weather or any other type of civil emergency, head over to RadioShack and pick up a weather radio. They carry a wide variety of models, including the RadioShack® Desktop Weather Radio w/ SAME Alerts.


RadioShack® Desktop Weather Radio w/ SAME Alerts


Not only will this device warn you of severe weather (down to your specific county location), but you can also listen to local severe weather spotters reporting on severe weather events in your area – live, as they happen!


As a young child, I was given my first weather radio at age 10, and it was a RadioShack model. I am not kidding when I say that I replaced that radio only 2 years ago (some 26 years later). I didn’t replace it because it wasn’t working any longer, but rather I wanted to have the option of programming the radio to alert me only when my county was going to be affected by severe weather. The technology that makes this possible is called “S.A.M.E.” (Specific Area Message Encoding), and is onboard all of the weather radios sold at RadioShack today.


Whether you’re out chasing storms or just want to make sure that your family is safe back at home, RadioShack has the tools and technology to help you get there.





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