Building With Dad – A Personal Story

Even though Father’s Day has come and gone, all of our talk of building things such as the new Velleman kits has reminded me of a recent instance in my life where I was fortunate enough to build something with my dad. Of course, we could easily have just gone to the store and bought an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun, nor would we have been able to get the custom result that we wanted.


My dad, little brother, and me

Last year, my wife and I moved into our new house. There’s a spot in the garage for all my tools, and I wanted to build workbenches to maximize the space. Of course, I could have just bought ready-made benches, but they wouldn’t be the custom fit that I could build, and I didn’t feel like they were as high of quality. I found blueprints online for some heavy-duty wooden benches, and I called my dad to come and help me.


Finished Project

We looked through the blueprints and put together a shopping list, then headed out to get the lumber. Once we got home, the two of us carefully measured the boards, made the cuts, and laid them out to check our accuracy. We then bolted them all together and were pleased to find that they fit perfectly in my tool space. It took a few weekends to build both workbenches, but they turned out awesome.

I definitely could have saved some time if I’d just bought the metal benches ready-made, but I wouldn’t have had the custom fit, and I would’ve missed out on the experience that I gained in cutting the boards myself and fitting it all together.¬†At RadioShack, we offer plenty of products ready to pull out of the box and put right to use – smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and radios. However, we know that there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get when you build something yourself from parts and pieces.


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  • Rick Cadden (dad)

    You could not buy work benches as heavy duty and sturdy as the ones we made. Plus there is nothing better than a home project with father and son. I loved the weekend building together and have done that with both my sons.