A Closer Look At HTC Sense 3.0 On The HTC EVO 3D

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You can now pre order the much-anticipated HTC EVO 3D for Sprint at your local RadioShack store. This hot new smartphone is powered by Android v2.3.3, which is also known as Gingerbread. The HTC EVO 3D also features HTC’s Sense v3.0 user interface, which adds quite a few enhancements and extra features. Check out our video showing off some of the cool stuff you’ll find on your own HTC EVO 3D when it arrives later this month:

Be sure to visit http://www.RadioShack.com/EVO3D to get the full details on the HTC EVO 3D. If you have an HTC EVO 4G or an HTC EVO Shift, you can trade in your old phone and get up to $100 to use towards your new HTC EVO 3D with our Trade & Save program. Find the closest RadioShack store by visiting http://www.RadioShack.com/StoreLocator.

This is post 1 of 6 in the HTC EVO 3D series


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  • Tool

    Phones. Who cares.

  • ivan

    not second camera for video calls………buuuuuu old tech

    not gps free…………buuuuuuu old tech

    not full html (surfing in the web like a pc) buuuuuuuu old tech

    is made in taiwan by a taiwan company buuuuuuuuu

    I LOVE NOKIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    Yes there is a front camera for video calls, in fact there are 3 cameras on the phone (2 on the back for 3D video capture).

    Yes there is GPS with FREE Google Navigation and FREE Sprint Navigation.

    Yes there is full HTML browsing along with Adobe Flash 10.3 support.

    HTC has also been named the "Device Manufacturer of the Year" for 2011 by the GSM Association, and passed Nokia in market value this past April.

    And yes, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Chris


  • kallezz

    This guy ivan is so idiot! He doesn’t know anything about new technology. I feel bad for you man, but am gonna tell you something this cellphone have the last technology if you can imagine. It has the last HTC sense is 3.0 and it has Android 2.3 gingerbread, it has two 5 megapixel cameras in the back to record videos in 2D and also 3D too you don’t need glasses to watch videos in 3D. And if you think that is everything? Let me tell you… nop. The screen is 4.3 inches QHD,in the front have 1.2 megapixel camera for video chat and also is powered by 1.2 dual core processor. So buddy the next time you are gonna write something make sure you known what you are talking about.

  • Wolfman

    Apparently everyone in the world except you. :)

  • Wolfman

    And where are Nokia handsets made?
    Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, the Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom.

  • Bob

    Sorry, no Sprint coverage in my area, from Opelika AL north city limit to I-20. Roaming only.

  • mary rodowicz

    wow I sooo need this!!! @alongcamemary1 #ShackEVO3D

  • djfubar

    @ivan In soviet Russia…the phone owns you…….