Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere With DISH Network TV Everywhere

Here at The Shack, we’re solution-oriented people. If you’ve got a problem, we’ll find an answer. Like watching TV on the go. In the past, if you forgot to record a show before you left the house, you were pretty much out of luck. But that all changes today. You can get this sweet new program from DISH Network called TV Everywhere. It lets you watch all your favorite shows and even control your DVR right from your laptop, phone or tablet. Rule your TV like never before! Pick up one of these portables from The Shack, and try it out:

Toshiba Satellite Laptop

This Toshiba Satellite laptop packs the power of a workhorse and the fun of a media center into one compact laptop. Sure, it has a fast processor, 3GB of RAM and an HD LCD screen, but it really comes to life when you combine it with the DISH Network TV Everywhere package. Grab a high-speed Internet connection, and you can watch live TV or anything off your DVR from anywhere in the world.

Motorola XOOM™ Tablet

You’re a die-hard fan. You wear your team’s jersey on game days, you named your dog after your favorite player, and you have bumper stickers all over your car. But what you’ve never had is your team’s games when you travel–until now. With a Motorola XOOM tablet and the DISH Network TV Everywhere package, you can take your local games on the road. The 10.1-inch screen is the perfect size for watching on the plane, on the train, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.

Samsung Epic™ 4G Phone

Plenty of things fit in a pocket, such as a wallet, a Samsung Epic 4G phone and a big-screen

TV. Well, maybe the actual TV can’t fit, but what’s shown on it certainly can. With the DISH Network TV Everywhere package, you can watch live TV and control your DVR from your phone. So next time you’re away from home and suddenly realize you forgot to record a show, just grab your Samsung Epic 4G and access your DISH Network TV Everywhere account. Problem solved.

Here’s a quick video from our friends at DISH Network to show you how DISH Network TV Everywhere works:

To sweeten the deal, The Shack is offering a $50 American Express Reward Card with qualifying 24-month DISH Network agreement. You can sign up for DISH Network and DISH Network TV Everywhere at your local RadioShack store. Check our Weekly Ad for offer details, and be sure to use the RadioShack Store Locator to find a store near you.

Now that you can catch your favorite shows anywhere, tell us some of the places you plan to watch them when you’re on the go.


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  • Connan

    I work for DISH and I can tell you that we use the sling adapter to bring TV everywhere to almost any mobile device and high-speed internet or at least a 3G cellular data plan. DISH Network also has the 922 DVR that has sling capabilities built in and is 3D compatible. Come and check this out

  • Jay@ Dish Network TV blog

    You have to love what DISH has done with TV Everywhere. Right now it’s easy to get for new customers as well as current customers.