The Shack Talks Past, Present, and Future With DIY Community Pillars

While at Maker Faire last weekend, we met so many great people. However, today we’re focusing on two great members of the DIY community that were kind enough to share some thoughts on the past, present, and future of the DIY movement. First, we talk to Jim Newton of TechShop, a membership-based DIY workshop that provides unique tools and equipment that members may not have access to use on their own. Next, you can see our first encounter with Lindsay Lawlor and Russell The Electric Giraffe, a huge robot giraffe that makers of all ages can pet and interact with. We had such a great time at Maker Faire, we can’t wait for the next one!

As you can see, Maker Faire is definitely a hands-on event where you are encouraged to touch and feel the different creative projects. Where do you think the DIY community is headed?  Leave us a comment below.


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  • Joshua

    [quote]Where do you think the DIY community is headed?[/quote]

    That’s easy – it’s headed away from "The Shack" to get its parts. Here’s a challenge for Radio Shack: try to make any one of the things you see at Maker Faire using only parts found in your local Radio Shack. Good luck with that.

    Put the radio back in "The Shack".


  • Paul

    I’m jazzed at this news, and it seems like you’re doing it right, taking the time to listen to people. I hope that despite the rudeness and negativity of some you’ll see the potential for bringing DIY electronics to a wider audience as a rewarding venture.

    73 for real this time (It means "best regards")

  • NegativeK

    After seeing Mitch Altman teach a RadioShack employee how to solder, I thought.. Why not host soldering classes at RadioShack stores? Not only will you be able to introduce a new generation (and maybe some old ones!) to electronics, but it would also reinforce and spread your message that you’re getting back into DIY electronics.