Hands-On With The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet

If you saw our Weekly Ad today, you’ll notice there’s a hot price on a new tablet right on the front cover. The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet is an affordable 7-inch Android tablet that we’re really excited to have available. Since the Cruz Tablet is a little bit different from tablets like the Apple iPad 2 or the BlackBerry PlayBook, we took the opportunity to unbox it and check it out for you.


The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet sports a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display with 800×600 pixel resolution and measures 193×142.2×15.2mm (7.6×5.6×0.6in) and only weighs 15oz, just under 1lb. The tablet itself is very lightweight and fits nicely in your hand. The back is slightly rubberized, which makes it easy to hold without accidentally dropping out of your hands. Along the top of the Cruz Tablet you’ll find the silver power button, along with the miniUSB data port and full size SD card slot, for extra storage. The volume rocker is located along the right edge, and the bottom edge houses the stereo speakers, charging port, and 3.5mm audio port.


The packaging is very descriptive, and shows you exactly what to expect from your new tablet. Velocity Micro claims that the Cruz Tablet gets 6 hours of video playback, and while I didn’t fully test that, I can say that I’ve been using the tablet for around 12 hours of games, Web browsing, and Twitter and have only just run out of battery. This is definitely an all-day device.


Inside the box, you’ll find the Cruz Tablet, along with a power cord for charging the device. Unfortunately, there is no USB cord included, nor is there an SD card in the box. You can pick both of those items up at RadioShack if necessary. I was very pleased to find that the Cruz Tablet does come with a very nice padded slipcover case to protect it while you’re not using it.


There is also a handy desktop stand included in the box, so that you can stand your Velocity micro Cruz Tablet up for easy viewing, either in portrait or landscape mode. This stand has a rubberized bottom and a slot so that you can charge your tablet while it’s sitting in the stand.


Out of the box, the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet is powered by Android v2.1, also known as Eclair, however, in April 2011, the company released an update that brings the device to Android v2.2, also known as ‘Froyo’. Interestingly, Velocity Micro released this tablet without support for Google’s services, such as the Android Marketplace. You can, however, browse the Cruz Market for additional applications, and it’s easy to install the Amazon AppStore, as well, so you’ll have no shortage of free and premium applications available. The Cruz Tablet comes setup for most users, though, with Amazon Kindle, eBuddy Mobile Messenger, Twidroyd, and OfficeSuite Viewer pre-installed. Of course, you still have Android’s awesome Web browser, music player, and video player built in, as well.


The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet has 2GB of internal storage and 256MB of RAM, which lets you switch between different applications quickly. It’s perfect if you want a tablet for email, Facebooking, reading e-books and a bit of YouTube or casual gaming. The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet is on sale for $149.99 at RadioShack for a limited time, so head up to your local store, or find the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet on RadioShack.com. Also, don’t forget to pick up a miniUSB cord and an SD card to complete the package!


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  • Richard

    Please dont try to make people think you have a product that is equal to the other tablets when it isnt … The Micro Cruz Tablet is only 2gb , I don’t care if it is only 149.00 .. It isnt equal or comparable to it … If you want something equal to it , it should be at least 16 gb…

  • Ricky Cadden

    Thanks for chiming in, Richard. I hope you didn’t get the idea that this is on par with the iPad or the Xoom from reading my post. The Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet is a sweet little device, and the price point and features make it great for someone who just wants something to check email, surf Facebook, and other light web use – those people don’t necessarily need a whole laptop, and this tablet does a great job filling their needs.

    We also stock the iPad 2, Xoom, PlayBook, and other fully-featured tablets at RadioShack – you can see the full lineup at http://www.RadioShack.com/Tablets. This is just one of many options.

    Also, the Cruz Tablet only has 2GB built-in – it also has a full-size SD card, so you can add as much storage as you want to.

  • Mike

    Was this the review of the r101?

  • Ricky Cadden

    Mike, the unit in this post is the T301.

  • sheila thomas

    I love my cruz i was going to purchase ipad and dicided to try out the cruz table i love it . Thanks

  • Justin

    What’s the purpose of having a tablet if it doesn’t support Flash? My 8 year old daughter was really disappointed Christmas morning when she couldn’t play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Netflix, etc. I would hardly call this a tablet.

  • Lori LaRose

    i have the T301, and was very disapointed at the lack of games that the tablet will actually support, as justin mentioned, no angry birds,fruit ninja, and ninja jump. i like the kobo (for reading), but still cant get my pc to tether to my tablet for file transfer! grr. not to mention all the times i have had to reset my tablet, and when trying to read things on internet, it CONSTANTLY popps back to the homepage!! which is a pain in the @$$ when trying to jot down notes and blink your back to the homepage and have to reenter what you were just reading and wait for it to load all over again! out of ten stars i would give it a whopping 5. (not to mention when purchaced it comes with NO information how to use it!!!)

  • Rachel

    Does it have a USB port?