Amy And Lauren Recap Maker Faire

While Dwayne and John were exploring Maker Faire and doing actual work, Amy and Lauren were on the grounds, taking in the sights and sounds of the event. In addition to the great videos showcasing the different Makers that they met, Amy and Lauren put their thoughts and reactions down to share with you.

Amy Shineman, Brand Manager

This was my first time going to Maker Faire and the sights and sounds did not disappoint. I was inspired by a talk from Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, the Coke Zero and Mentos team, encouraging makers to keep on going and to think big.

Later, I got to catch a cab with the two of them – lucky me! Oh, the lights….I was mesmerized with what people did with lighting from LED lights to press light boards.

One of my favorite exhibits was the fountain made from horn instruments. How did they arrange them so that water actually flowed through?

I would be remissed if I did not mention that it was a great time for me to connect with the RadioShack team and get a chance to connect with all of our customers out there. My visit to Maker Faire ignited my passion for making things and for challenging our internal teams to deliver products and services that support them in their creations.

Lauren Kushnerik, Product Marketing Manager

Maker Faire. the first of many final frontiers. These are the voyages of the technically-challenged. Her continuing mission: to seek out new makers and new technology, to boldly go where no technically short-sighted girl has gone before.

Just kidding!

What can’t you say about Maker Faire? The energy in the air (hypothetically and literally) was heavy with excitement. Since I deem myself a sci-fi nerd, this trip became a haven of possibilities where dreams are reality. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I knew this adventure would lead to sensory overload. Guess what? I was right.

Not long after checking in, I was in paradise, a special little island which gathered a cornucopia of people from all levels of maker knowledge. I myself am into cross-stitching, so the craft tent was rather detrimental to my pocket book. But my biggest thrills came from learning how to solder on a circuit board (I was told I am a natural), meeting a 17′ LED-covered computerized giraffe named Russell (he’s a Virgo, by the way), and witnessing some killer light shows blended with amazing music (Tesla coils zapping to the ‘Dr. Who‘ theme song – total dream!).

I also had the pleasure of seeing R2-D2 talking and wheeling around the show floor, which was very exciting. Every attendee and exhibitor jumped at the chance to chat about their projects and answer questions. I had the opportunity to meet some truly innovative makers, hobbyists, crafters, builders, tinkerers, and thinkers.

Thanks so much to everyone we met at Maker Faire. It was a great experience, and we were able to chat with so many people to get a flavor for the DIY community that welcomes RadioShack into their midst. We had a chance to find out what improvements RadioShack can make to better serve the makers and hobbyists out there, and are working on ways to implement those in our RadioShack stores.


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