5 iPad Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

So you watched our Apple iPad 2 unboxing video and ran out to get one for yourself? We can’t blame you – there’s no doubt that the Apple iPad is an awesome tablet, straight out of the box. However, there are also thousands of cool apps for the iPad in the Apple App Store. To help you narrow down the selection and find just the right apps, we did the digging for you. Below is our list of five sweet apps that you may not have, but will definitely want to download to your Apple iPad.


Atari’s Greatest Hits


Atari–it’s a name woven into the very fabric of video gaming. If you’re like us, you spent quite a few late nights at home with the likes of Asteroids, Missile Command and Gravitar back in the day. And last week. No, seriously, ever since we downloaded the Atari’s Greatest Hits app for our iPad, we’ve become obsessed with the classics. The free app came with Pong, but for about a buck more, we downloaded the four-game Centipede pack. Curse you, scorpions, and the poisonous mushrooms you create!





Ben Franklin once said, “A place for everything, everything in its place.” We don’t think the Bento app was available for his 18th century iParchment, but the quote may have influenced the app’s creation. We’ve been using Bento for a few months, and it’s amazing how much more organized $5 has made us. We use it for shopping lists, to keep track of work projects and any number of other to-dos. Gone are the days of post-it notes here and a jot on the back of an envelope there. Of course if there’s one down side to being organized, it’s that we never really have an excuse if we forget something on a project.




Marvel Comics


With all of the Hollywood remakes coming out this summer, we’ve gotten interested in the original stories behind our favorite Marvel superheroes. Instead of picking up piles of old comics, we downloaded the free Marvel Comics app. A couple of bucks later, we were flipping through the pages of a Captain America comic on our iPad, one finger swipe at a time.





Like most of our co-workers at The Shack, we have tech on the brain all the time. One of the most techy jobs we can think of is an astronaut. What could be cooler than blasting into space? Well, nothing, really, but since we know we’ll never suit up, we’ve found a more down-to-earth way to get our fix. The free NASA HD app for the iPad is awesome. We can watch videos of shuttle launches, see tons of pics and even track satellites. Yeah, so what if we like to track the orbit of satellites…we told you we were space fans, right?



Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader


We like to read, and already love the iBooks app on our Apple iPad 2. Unfortunately, there aren’t any magazines available there. Fortunately, Zinio gives magazines the digital treatment like iBooks does for our books. But Zinio’s even cooler. Our digital subscriptions deliver fully rendered versions of the stuff we love to read, but some of the pages have videos and audio links, too. It’s like having a DVD extras menu and commentary for our magazines.


If you’ve been waiting to get an iPad 2 until now, use The Shack’s iPad Store Locator to find out which stores closest to you have them in stock.


We’re always looking for great apps to download, so tell us about some of your favorites and why you like them so much.



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