Trade And Save To Win A 100% Electric Nissan LEAF



One thing that we’re really excited about is The Shack’s Trade and Save program, which lets you trade in your old electronic devices for a store credit that you can immediately apply to your purchase at RadioShack. It’s instant gratification at its finest, and from April 17th (that’s today) through April 23rd, the deal gets even sweeter. With the RadioShack Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win a 100% Electric Nissan LEAF, when you recycle your devices through our Trade and Save program you get a chance to win a new car!


How Does It Work? Go through your house and gather all the old electronics you can find. Anything goes, as long as it can be powered on and doesn’t have water damage or a broken screen. Bring them all in to your local RadioShack store (find the closest one with our RadioShack Store Locator) and our friendly associates will check them out and tell you how much they’re worth. You get a minimum of $10 for every eligible working cell phone, so bring lots of those. The associate will load your credit on a RadioShack gift card for you to use on a new tablet or other cool gadget, and we’ll automatically enter you to win the 100% electric Nissan LEAF.


What Happens To Your Electronics? We recycle them, making sure to responsibly dispose of hazardous materials and reuse what we can. It’s all about taking care of our planet and committing to environmental sustainability.


If you don’t have any electronics to trade in, you can still enter to win the Nissan LEAF online at The drawing will take place on April 27th, 2011.


So stop reading, grab your old electronics, and make a bee-line for your local RadioShack store! You can get the full details at, and be sure to use the handy-dandy buttons to tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter. After all, sharing is caring.




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  • Les

    Contest site NOT working, pops up and asks me for a username and password

  • gravityvp

    I tried entering onlne today and the website said the contest ended. Did it end at midnight? It thought I had through the 23rd

  • hero

    Who won?????????