RadioShack Participates in STARS Program for Kids!

RadioShack recently partnered with the Rotary Club of Fort Worth and Tarrant County College, to host more than 120 eighth grade students from a local middle school as part of the STARS Program. STARS is designed to encourage students to stay in school and provide information regarding the importance of math and science going forward, from their education today, through to job markets and possibilities for the future.


The day-long program included a tour of the Tarrant County College campus, introduction to math and science classes, along with a meet and greet with teachers and professors. In addition, guest speaker sessions were conducted where RadioShack’s own Sarah Settle, DMM of Consumer Electronics and Christy Leonard, Toy Buyer, gave presentations about their education, work history and how math and science have played a role in reaching their career goals up to now, as well as how they use elements of both subjects in their current jobs today.


At the end of the presentations, each student received a HEXBUG Nano with bunny ears – a big hit with all of the kids!




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