For Music Lovers: Skullcandy Giveaway – All the Deets

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Thank you for participating! Stop by your local RadioShack to pick up a pair of Skullcandy headphones. ALL are on SALE April 10-16. 

WHO: @RadioShack and @Skullcandy

WHAT: The Shack will give away 30 pairs of Skullcandy headphones on our Twitter page

WHEN: Thursday, April 7, 2PM – 5PM CST


HOW: Respond to the questions we ask on our Twitter page and include the hashtag #RSSkullcandy in your response to be entered. We will give away 10 pairs per hour!

Skullcandy makes the sickiest headphones. Amp up your street cred with these earbuds. Good luck and have fun!


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  • @whitbord

    Thanks for the heads up! #RSSkullcandy

  • Lovetotext

    Just entered on twitter!!! Woot woot!!

  • @Lovetotext

    I am loving the questions #RSSkullcandy

  • Julie Sharwtz

    love to have a great pair tweeting @waterbluffy love alanis Morriseete tracey champan eagles and more

  • gh_rocks

    Nice!! It sounds pretty amazing, but I have a question about this, if I live in Mexico City, can I still try to enter the contest? thanks a lot for the answer, and well, hope radio shack Mexico could do this kind of interaction.

  • SarahBarnes

    @gh_rocks – You sure can enter!

  • CHI Flat Iron

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