This is post 5 of 7 in the SXSW 2011 series


If you know a social media-internet obsessed person, you have probably recognized that they have some sort of device, whether it’s a smart phone, laptop, or tablet, glued to the palm of their hands at all times. With an electronic device as a companion, it’s got to fit your needs. Leave a comment for your chance to snag a great gadget from The Shack. 

UPDATE: We have selected our winners for this post. Check back for more giveaways! 

This is post 5 of 7 in the SXSW 2011 series


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  • Julie

    Awesome giveaway!!! good luck to all!!! :D

  • Ricktoon

    A mobile smartphone with a camera works like a charm. Shoot a photo, post to Facebook, instant connection. I use a Droid X.

  • Toddbbq

    My G2 is a great social media device but I know there are better ones out there…

  • BeckyH

    My phone is such a dinosaur, I really need to win this. I can just barely text.

  • pintworks

    i love my android phone, and being able to communicate with someone wherever i go.

  • kat

    ahhhhhhhh I want a netbook!

  • Tx76244

    Lots of devices out there, but I still love my iPhone4!!

  • Amanda Owens

    I had no idea that the tablet came with a built in camera! Very cool, now I want it!

  • Jen8112

    My iPod Touch! Would rather have an iPhone and an iPad though. ;)

  • Anne Mostella

    I would have to say the Samsung Galaxy tablet is my fav…would love to have that!

  • Jules L.

    great giveaway!! i have a blackberry that cannot be updated and i can’t afford a new phone…

  • Environ2

    My iPhone replaced my laptop and with it’s GPS it keeps me oriented so I always know where I’m at and going… Now if I can keep up with my calendar!

  • Kim M

    My droid keeps me social, I’m so outdated I don’t even have a laptop/netbook yet. LOL

  • Mark

    Any smart phone, tablet or netbook – all are easy to carry and keep ya going strong with the online social community!

  • TCD

    LOVE my android phone, don’t know what I’d do without it!!

  • dkn035

    i want to win something

  • iPayStation

    Got to be social in Generation-M! Get yer on the go gear, for wireless socializing from everywhere! It’s Generation-M!

  • LadyFidza

    Great giveaway! Thank you so much for being so generous! I would really love to be the lucky one!

  • Shells79

    A Galaxy Tab… It looks so cool

  • Chris T.

    I need a new laptop and this is a great giveaway!

  • erickal

    I use my smartphone to stay connected but would love a tablet

  • Cherie

    My daughter has a android it puts my primitive phone to shame. Would love to win this awesome modern device!!!

  • djfishman09

    I bet tablet would be cool then I could use my mobile WiFi hotspot on the inspire

  • douglasc727

    great give away.i really could use them

  • Lauren D.

    the HTC Inspire 4G is my fave… great camera on that one.. i want!

  • Frank Tellez

    I love [b]Galaxy [/b]because of it’s ability to do Flash. Only wish I had one. :p

  • alexxio gilli

    nowadays the words facebook, twitter and smartphones are strictly linked together with the word iphone. I’m trying to buy one and give away my old phone, otherwise i’ll build my own following a DIY guide and buying stuff from radioshack!! XD

  • Christina

    I didn’t think I would be the person who needed access to social media on the go until I got my smartphone. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  • melemanuhulu

    I have an HTC Hero (CDMA). I love it, but I’m sure any of these would be a big upgrade!

  • Jim Wiliams

    Use my Blackberry most of the time, but also have an iPad with me to use as a back-up!

  • Ang

    My phone is a daily staple for me!! Love to keep in contact with friends/ family daily :)

  • Bill Dunn

    the mytouch 4g is the best! :)

  • Marshall

    Great contest!!! I hope I win. Pick me!

  • Ang

    Samsung Galaxy tablet for me!! Love to keep in contact with friends/ family daily :)

  • Beverly

    My Android phone is really AWESOME!!!!! it does everything only had it for about one month now and would never ever go back to using any phone that wasn’t a smart phone!!!!!

  • David

    I think a netbook computer is the best way to use Facebook on the go because if you are using a cell phone you would have to pay for the internet, but if you use a netbook you could connect to a free wireless network and using Facebook would be faster.

  • Stefanie

    Ooh, the Samsung Galaxy tablet looks nice! I’d love to win that!

  • tweed524

    Samsung Galaxy Tab is the one I like. LOVE THE SHACK!!! I am WOWED!!
    Love the Cycling too!!! You guys ROCK!!!

  • doedwards

    The Samsung Galaxy tablet would definitely be a "rock my world" type of device. The size looks perfect for keeping the social media obsession fed when I’m on the go!

  • Isaac

    `I would love to win.

  • Curtis

    Fingers crossed!

  • ShackJunkie

    That inspire has me captivated. Awesome giveaway.. I love the shack!

  • RoBiNhOOd

    A netbook sure would be nice! I could use one to catch up on my pharmacy ce’s while at work!!!

  • robgin

    I would love to have the prizes they are giving away, I just can’t afford it! A lot of people I know has smartphones and I’m really impressed!

  • Delanie

    SCHWEET! As a poor college kid who is a social networking junkie…. I want all of them! :)

  • jessicalynn

    I use my HTC EVO. Which I love but I would like to win a tablet so my daughter can play games and learn her ABC’s. And so my boyfriend and I can play games against eachother

  • nutbut

    Great Job Ricky!
    I like them all… but I would vote for the Galaxy Tab,
    and I liked the one with a kick stand on the back!

  • pikappaphiEE252

    I find that my Droid 2 Global keeps me well connected. Even when we lost power for a couple of days, I was able to stay connected thanks to my phone.

  • Sally

    I had no idea of the many ways to stay mobile on the go. It would be great to win one of these neat devices!!!! Good luck everyone & me!! :)

  • dougie

    Luv the Samsung tablet as I ride a train daily to and from work. Woul luv that to keep informed, post what I find and email throughout my day not missing a beat even on the way home.

  • fancpantz2

    Im feeling lucky!!What an awesome giveway!!!:) :) :)

  • Kathy S.

    C’mon and hook me up Radio Shack! I’m a social media addict, but my 6 year old Gateway laptop is not cutting it anymore! Just to use it I have to keep it plugged into the wall outlet AND the paint has worn off so much that you can barely tell it was once a silver laptop! My favorite gadget is the HP Mini 10.1" Netbook. If you pick me, my social media addict heart will thank you very much. :-)

  • jenp

    It’s gotta be the Samsung Captivate – looks great, nice size, and it’s an Android! :-)

  • Kelly

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab is completely out of this word! Would love to have one.

  • Brenda C

    It would be a awesome spring if i was a lucky winner thanks Radio Shack for the chance i am a regular customer love Radio Shack!!

  • Cortney

    Apple iPhone4 <3 all day everyday thanks to Radioshack

  • Milan

    Gonna have to go with the htc inspire for AT&T. I would imagine once they turn on the hspa+ switch that phone will be flying

  • DFW

    Smartphones make it easier to stay in touch. Their small size, compared to a tablet, netbook or notebook mean it’s easy to carry and communicate.


    I think the Samsung Galaxy tablet would have to be my top choice! I dont have any of them, so I am not social on the go yet!
    katiesmommy1 at gmail dot com

  • rcadden54

    Love the new phones! I would like to check out the Inspire 4G. That Ricky guy is incredible and a natural at cell phone info!

    Rick Cadden

  • Keri M.

    Great giveaway! I’m in!

  • Zubes

    My old old iPhone that barely holds a charge anymore.

  • Greg M.

    I would love to win!

  • JW

    I want a gadget!

  • steven lattimore

    i love my epic especially wth the android 2.2 update

  • Denise

    I would say a tablet or netbook would probably be the way to go! I have done the smart phone thing and am currently taking a break from that. But having 2 children at home that constantly want to use the desktop or laptop, I would love to have something small that I hide from the girls lol

  • Kath

    The HP mini notebook is so cute!

  • vza004

    If I get to design a tablet, I’ll call it the "Hand Shake!"

  • Art

    Very cool giveaway! Would love to win any of these gadgets to stay connected!

  • Patti

    Keep me mobile? How about get me mobile! My cell phone doesn’t do the Internet so I have to do it all on my desktop!

  • Adam Ayala

    The Shack is the home for all your gift giving electronic needs. Good luck to me in the hopes I win this contest. I feel so out of date for not being able to be more socially in-touch every minute of my waking day.

  • jrpettibone

    I love my smartphone. We use my camera all the time to take pics and upload.

  • ms moni

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee my evo shift… id be lost witout it

  • AlexanderCO

    I know I have little chance to win so here is my $.02.
    The Galaxy Tab, while not as powerful as the iPad, fills a niche, for those that won’t or can’t carry a 9/10" tablet. The 7" tab allows people to carry all their media from the cloud wherever they want.

  • kurt4594

    I love these kinds of phones. and mine is about to die it freezes alot and it would be cool if i was to win this that would make me happy and yeah

  • SheGeek

    A shegeek with gadgets galore…but I always have room for more. Ready for The Shack to show me what you’ve got!

  • Debbie

    My niece is on her blackberry 24/7.

  • Trevor G

    Samsung Galaxy tablet

  • cathi

    a sprint Galaxy would be an answer to alot of problems. a great ideas gys

  • sandie glass

    I would be lost without my smartpone, it’s my "life on the go." February of 2010 my husband’s contract was up and I was getting back surgery so to be nice – he graciously traded up and gave me his renewal, and ever since hes been suck w/a dinosaur phone. He recently tried to upgrade and they totally hosed him and said he STILL had to wait 4 more months. I feel horrible he did such a sweet and caring thing in my time of need and now he is stuck with a boring phone that does nothing! My husband just this past friday 3/11/11 sat once again, through another surgery for me and he never complains about anything, he always puts family waaaay ahead of himself, so if with your contest I could possibly give him the chance to get something awesome and new I would be so grateful! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration!

  • whipster56

    I can’t live without my Samsung Intercept. Long live smart phones!

  • Tim

    I have to pick a favorite its to hard, it’s a toss up between the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the HTC Inspire 4G because I want a tablet but I need a new phone. Good luck to everyone.

  • Andre G.

    My AT@T Inspire 4g!!!!

  • Carla

    The Shack has great stuff and winning some of it would be perfect .


    I only have an not-so-smart cell phone and I don’t take my laptop with me all the time, so I think any type of Tablet or mini or other device would be great! I’d take anything to stay in touch more and be able to check on FB more often!!!

  • paulawalla

    My husband and 15 year-old son both have Android phones. I still have my old Razr, which was cool — about 5 years ago. Now I really need an update!

  • Kay Mash

    My Favorite is the HTC INSPIRE 4G..too bad I dont have one !

  • Steve Howard

    I really like the Samsung Galaxy Tab – I like that it is small enough to carry in my coat or cargo pants. [b]ANDROID rocks![/b]

  • Tom

    Really love the Galaxy!

  • Janet Callaway

    I would love to win one of the tablets. Thanks.

  • wuilber

    good gadget htc swift

  • charlotte

    I so want a Sansung Tablet or any of these prizes.

  • NanaB

    I could sure use a Netbook to use away from home. I am not quite obsessed enough without one!

  • wuilber

    the tablet

  • Johnny S.

    I like the HTC Inspire. I wanna try out AT&T’s 4G network. I currently have a LG Xenon. I need help to stay social & mobile! :-)

  • rocketman

    I simply cannot go anywhere without my phone, I use it for email, maps, txting to keep in touch wit family, friends and other important contacts & it would be nice to get an upgrade or win something nice.

  • Celes Mickle

    The IPhone 3GS with ATT that I currently have, the HP Mini Notebook, the HTC, the IPod Touch and others are good for social networking. I will be the winner of the HP Mini Netbook. I Pray that I am the winner for the HP Mini Netbook for my start up business and for my school work. I always wanted an HP Mini Notebook, but do not have the money to purchase one right now. I am a number one fan of Radio Shack. I just brought me a cell phone case at Radio Shack. Radio Shack will always be my number one store to buy electronics at. I love You all at Radio Shack. Have a Blessed Week.

  • diesel51

    I am really excited about the possibility of winning this. What a generous giveaway. Thank you so much.

  • Tasha

    great giveaway!

  • justjoking

    I am mobile but no internet service so I lack the social aspect. Help!!!!

  • dakine

    Galaxy Tab Flash & cameras big upgrade over my G1 iPad

  • sunshynejo

    I am THE geeky nerd…. I always have to get the latest gadgets when they come out (when I can afford it), because enquiring minds WANT to know!! :)

  • bobd1952

    I have an old BB, and any of the gadgets would be fantastic to win!!

  • BCgirl

    I like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, that is what i would love to have thanks

  • paulv

    AT&T Samsung Captivate is great, that is what i am missing, good luck to all

  • Sharonnelt

    This would be awesome

  • Raymond Gregory

    I love great technology! Great giveaway!

  • LAK

    Love the tablet!!! This is the new computer of the future! Would love one to replace my really old, bulky HP Tablet that is very old and does not give me the tools I need to stay social on the go :)

  • Sharonnelt

    Samsung Tablet for Sprint

  • Sara

    The Inspire is an amazing communication device. With social networking,email and video chat at your fingertips you can stay in contact with ease. The speed and visuals are amazing and I’m told it only costs you $20 a month to make it a wiring hotspot for all your devices, including computers. Not that you’ll need one with the Inspire’s large screen size. You can pic and video edit as you take the image and after… there are so many cool features.

    Wants one bad.

  • Vero

    My phone, but I need a newer better one!!

  • robert smith/bigrob

    samsung galaxy tablet is pretty awsome. not too big or bulky,lots of cool apps. i would love too win one.

  • LuisMacintosh


  • @blueeyescasper

    low income cant afford a phone i need this really bad no conection to japan for me now to see who is alive @blueeyescasper twitter handle

  • Jill H

    Wow, what a generous contest! Would love to win one of these gadgets! Yes, I’m one of those people! :)

  • Brad K

    Could sure use a notebook

  • jbee

    radio shack is full of win

  • christof

    Any phone is fine, The ability to post pictures from your phone instantly to facebook= priceless

    I have a chocolate touch phone, And its great for social websites and facebooking on the go x)

  • okcnyyfan

    I love my Evo. Now I just need a tablet to go with it for those things a 4.3" screen is too small for.

  • collsy

    I’m so behind the time when it comes to gadgets – please enable me to get up to date : )

  • Matthew

    I like the prizes that r being givin away, hope I win one.

  • Evic

    I really like the Samsung Galaxy Tab it is just the right size do do all things mobile! Plus I just like the idea of tablets :)

  • bedwa

    it’s always my Nexus One or my Captivate in my hands. Hoping to win an Inspire (Aka: Desire HD) for my wife!

  • Cindy

    I feel so lonely being at sxswi without a tablet!

  • Wall

    The device has to fit in your own lifestyle, be portable, easy to use, and most of all affordable.
    And the biggest thing is it must be readable, i.e. "big print" for those that need it.
    The Samsung tablet will work for me!!

  • Joshua

    man i have wanted a galaxy tab so bad. just cant afford it. but for real that thing looks soooo awesome.

  • Taylor

    awesome giveaway!
    goooooooooood luck!

  • Jim

    The Samsung Tablet looks awesome!

  • Geraldine Durant

    Awesome prizes. Would love to own one. Good luck to all!

  • Jennifer P

    I use my ipod touch.

  • natthedem

    The Samsung tablet intrigues me–I’m a big fan of the Android platform but I’m not sold on the Xoom quite yet.

  • Grampa

    Galaxy Tab Awesome would get me up to date Great contest and prizes

  • DaveS

    This would make it much easier to communicate with Alphonse!

  • Linda

    The price of current phone is $15. I think it’s time to upgrade *hopefully*

  • RAD Moose

    I got my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V from RadioShack and am really happy with my purchase. I use it on FB and Twitter via HootSuite, check in with FourSquare and grab my gmail. It has allowed me to spend more time away from a desk or laptop.

  • Janice

    laptop! For the simple fact that to use any of the better features of the phone, you have to pay extra to get text messaging (PER text), web browsing, etc, but with a laptop, you have the ease and comfort of typing (vs a tiny phone keyboard), multi-window capability, etc without losing any mobility!

  • Jerry Lafferty / mrcapncaveman

    I would have to go with a netbook myself. I live in SD and we dont have Sprint or AT&T, only Verizon. But there are so many free wi fi spots around I am pretty much always connected somehow.

  • Nate

    Winner winner? Shack ftw.

  • Doha A.

    My favorite electonic device is my HTC EVO! Which is from the greatest electronics selling company in the world RadioShack! I ♥♥♥♥♥ RadioShack

  • Freida A. Custodio

    Hmmm. If only I had a Samsung Tablet for Sprint, I could promise someone/a group I would dedicate a Tweet to them EVERY DAY for a year telling them how great they are (with the hashtag of their choice. That’s a promise) :) A tablet would make me complete. I think I’m your girl for the Samsung Tablet for Sprint. Please make me happy tech-geek. Thank you.

  • Gary hsu

    Please, I need more gadgets!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    I really need to win a tablet so I can be in. I have nothing to keep me connected.

  • natashajparker

    Awesome giveaway! I could use any of these on my trip to France this summer. Gotta love The Shack!

  • Anne

    My fav is the HTC Inspire 4G. I don’t have a smartphone but would love to have a better one then my husband. lol

  • Sarah/smitchathome

    say that the Galaxy would be my favorite. They are all really great devices. These eyes are getting old and I need a really big screen!

  • teena

    I really really need this…Please

  • Beth Bomben

    My friend has an HTC Evo and it is really cool but I’ve also played with the new HTC Inspire which is just as cool but on AT&T’s 4G. The Inspire appears to be very similar to the Evo in that it has an 8MP camera with LED flash and huge screen, but I have AT&T and I am excited to see how the new 4G web works with the Evo’s younger, hipper cousin! As for the Galaxy Tablet, I wish it made calls. So for me, the Inspire definitely takes the cake!

  • n2wind2000

    RS rocks Thousand Oaks Calif.!! Woot !!

  • William Hoover

    Count me in & TY for a great give away!

  • tony

    Great giveaway.

  • Michael Greene

    Big fan of the Android OS have been waiting to test drive the Samsung tab. Have the Samsung Galaxy Phone. Radio Shack keep up the good work. Hope had fun at SSWX.

  • jd davis

    My friend never takes his eyes off his iPhone even when you’re speaking to him directly. Drives me nuts!

  • artoflove

    Awesome giveaway!!! good luck to all!!!

  • artoflove

    If you know a social media-internet obsessed person, you have probably recognized that they have some sort of device, whether it’s a smart phone, laptop, or tablet, glued to the palm of their hands at all times. With an electronic device as a companion, it’s got to fit your needs. Leave a comment for your chance to win a Samsung Tablet for Sprint, HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Captivate for AT&T, or a HP Mini 10.1" Notebook.

  • lexwang

    I don’t know why but I love the kickstand. It’s so simple!!

  • Johnwiz2

    My IPhone 3G is extinct, I would love to win this and crawl into the 21st century :)

  • Catherine

    My Motorola Atrix. Lots of power, but compact enough for a mom of teens and toddler to pack that doesn’t take too much room. Keeps the toddler busy when I need it. Helps me keep up with everyone’s busy schedule including my busy military husband’s schedule, too. It’s great having a mini computer at my fingertips. It helps to keep me connected to all of our family and friends at a click of a button.

  • Catherine

    My Motorola Atrix. Lots of power, but compact enough for a mom of teens and toddler to pack that doesn’t take too much room. Keeps the toddler busy when I need it. Helps me keep up with everyone’s busy schedule including my busy military husband’s schedule, too. It’s great having a mini computer at my fingertips. It helps to keep me connected to all of our family and friends at a click of a button.

  • Leah

    I’d have to say…net book for me! Of course, any would be awesome :)

  • JR

    Here’s hoping … cuz my daughter needs a new Sprint phone! And she’s way jealous of my Epic!!

  • Diane

    I am ready for a netbook!

  • WD

    You’ve got my attention,but,as usual,a day late and a dollar short.Alas and alack.

  • Jonathan

    I have been wanting a Samsung Tablet, but they all sound good to me.

  • Sherry Russell

    Looks like it has great features.

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