The Shack is Mobile @ SXSW: Staying Connected

This is post 6 of 11 in the SXSW 2011 series


The Shack wants to keep you mobile! Comment on this post for your chance to snag a very helpful and handy gadget. 

We’ve all experienced it – PHONE FRUSTRATION. Symptoms include a wrinkled forehead, a curse word or two and a low or non-existent signal on your mobile phone that prevents you from doing A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. This usually happens when you’re in a space with a very large concentration of people. Which is where we will be today while we’re in downtown Austin for our first day at SXSW. 

Avoid phone frustration and equip yourself with a wireless hotspot, a.k.a. the device that just might save you from pulling all your own hair out. 


UPDATE: We have selected our winners for this post. Check back for more giveaways! 

This is post 6 of 11 in the SXSW 2011 series


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  • cl2eep

    Hotspots are seriously one of the coolest devices available at the moment. Blasting the internet while driving down the road or walking around a theme park is just too awesome for words.

  • Curtis

    fingers crossed!

  • Vaneka

    Oh gosh I need one of these like yesterday!! Please pick me : )

  • Doha A.

    My phone doubles as a Hotspot, though I haven’t used it as one, because it’s too darned expensive!

  • pgaloha

    A wireless hot spot would be awesome to have now that we are retired and are free to travel more. Always "being connected" while on the road would mean no more worries staying connected with friends and family at home….wtg, Shack!

  • Donna

    i’m so tired of getting disconnected because of a ‘low, no service’ area. this would sure come in handy for me.

  • Susan

    I do not know what I wold do without a portable wifi device it is a great tool!

  • Isaac

    That would be so nice to have I seem to lost it every week.

  • Bruce Journey

    There are alot of times where I would love to have the Internet. A Mobile hotspot would keep me connected when, and where Ever I was. What a great product.

  • rej

    omg thats right i get frustrated with low signal on my wifi sigh i wish i can afford hotspot esp on my iPad sometimes it will distract me from connecting so all i do is restart it again and again tsk tsk it will be so aweso e if i have wifi hotspot that i can go anywhere doing anything even if im in a bus or something

  • peacefrogman

    I throw phones so much, I need a rubber one

  • DKicak

    I have heard of these but have not had the opportunity to use one.

  • Cherie

    Oh wow, a mobile hot spot would be sooooo fantastic to have. Very useful for sure!

  • salski61

    Carrying my own hotspot? Does life get any better?!

  • melemanuhulu

    I could really, really use a mobile WiFi hotspot!

  • Becky J

    What a great product! It always seems like I don’t have a signal when I need it most!!

  • Juliette

    I could totally use one of these.

  • ajonesin

    Oh my, how I would love a personal wireless hotspot.

  • Kim C

    Have fun in Austin!! Keep Austin Weird!

  • albert

    i could use one right now ;)

  • Patricia Herbert

    I would love one of theses as I do not currently own one. Thanks

  • iheartmarcusb

    Wow!!! I did not know these existed! This would be so cool to have one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kim

    I so need that! See you at SXSWi!

  • Li

    I don’t have a wireless hotspot , but sure can use it. Never liked having a phone that I cannot use

  • damytewok

    They are really cool. used a friends the other day and in 3g, its almost as fast as dsl.

  • Diane Redcay

    Hey Radioshack you must of heard & saw me somewhere! That gets me a bit fired up & its when I really need it the most you know what I mean?! Here’s hoping you do see or hear me again!

  • Dana

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win! :D

  • robyn

    wow this is cool…i have sprint and love them this would make them even better!!!

  • Ricktoon

    I have the wireless hotspot on my phone, but haven’t tried it yet. Will probably activate for an upcoming trip. Cheaper than the wifi access in some pricy hotels.

  • Steve Robillard

    I could see using this at trade shows to avoid the wires and allow internet access .

  • Christina

    I would love to have this. I need to be connected all the time, everywhere.

  • todd Labrecque

    I would love to have a hotspot when I need one.

  • Cyndi S.

    I wish I had a wireless hotspot with my Sprint service. There are a lot of times that I would like to take my laptop on the go, but just can’t. I have to use the internet on my phone when I am away from home and it is so limited in what I can do or pray that I can find somewhere with free wi-fi.

  • Katherine

    This would be sooooo cool to have

  • tcuneo

    wont win but it dosnt hurt to enter.

  • squirlysue

    I have problems in parking structures and in between buildings. The worst, of course, is the back roads of New Hampshire. I would love a more powerful wireless hotspot.

  • Leah

    This would be awesome!

  • Barbra M

    This would be great!

  • Alex

    Yes it’s very frustrating…. And you usually lose service right at a vital moment. For example: you are bidding on the "must have" item on EBay and right when you are about to place the winning bid… "no frakking signal???"

  • Michelle

    phone frustration has declined since I got 3g!

  • Margaret Davis

    I would LOVE to win this!

  • Tim

    Awesome product I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  • Environ2

    OMG… I’d wear that device out! Especially since I trave.

  • denise

    Wouldn’t that be great . To go online whenever wherever

  • pistonh

    Man, having a Sprint hotspot would be awesome to go along with the slow network data speeds on my Nextel Curve. With one in my pocket, I’d be able to connect via WiFi which helps a lot.

  • fooshang

    i can haz hotspot?

  • Birdie S.

    My phone is so old staying connected with Mobile@SXSW would be a shining light in the darkness of my phone ownership

  • Moose

    Would love to have my own hotspot device.

  • jason harris

    sounds awesome!

  • serenityslr

    My phone would double as one, but Alltel has that blocked. I wonder if it will be different with my new company.

  • Mike

    A Hotspot would be the handiest thing to have when I get called after hours to work on something while stuck out where I need my laptop. Boom! The job is done, and no need to travel back home or to the office to finish up!

  • Jake

    it’s so hard getting a good connection at school where i need one.

  • dphamm

    i would love this! this would make my ipodtouch 100% utilized instead of the 40% when i’m at home with wireless connection.

  • Janet

    Good luck, everyone. #PrayForJapan

  • Samantha P

    Thanks for a great giveaway! We could really use one of these!

  • JD Northwest

    Personal hotspot. That would be awesome!

  • Lexiquin

    No, I don’t have one! My kids would think it was so cool if I won. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Curt

    Sure could use this

  • Rick N.

    i could use that now and everyday

  • tony

    i need a mobile hotspot

  • Chris

    I’m all for it. Great product – great idea :) I’d love to have one.

  • bobby ward

    i wanna win something from you

  • Maureen

    I don’t have one & need it. Please make my day :-)

  • Sally

    I need and want this. It would be nice to have my own hotspot!! The Shack has so many great things! Thanks for a great giveaway and Good Luck everyone!!!

  • Cass

    I am a twitter addict & a hot spot would be perfect to bring w/my netbook on a regular basis! Finally, I won’t feel obigated to buy drinks & baked goods to enjoy wi-fi!


    i can really use this. thanks hope to win it

  • sba

    This would be the perfect companion for everything!

  • techmike

    Would be nice to win something in this economy.

  • BB

    Could really have used this the other day!

  • Sharla

    Being a Realtor, my office is my car. I have debated the pros and cons of a mobile hot spot for quite some time. My main objection is the cost. If I were to win a free device, it would definitely help offset the cost. Hope I win!

  • MikeC

    This would be great when on the road and staying at hotels that charge outrageous fees for their usually slow wireless Internet access.

  • Roseanne A


  • JW

    Sounds neat!